Monday, November 17, 2008

Mondays are the pits

Welcome to Monday! YUCK! Weekends fly by and work weeks just go on forever.

We had a great weekend. We stayed at home...YEAH. Wow, I love weekends at home. Friday night the husband had a playoff game in Ft. Smith, so I stayed at home. Caught up on some DVR stories and just chilled. I went to dinner at my moms. She had made this wonderful salmon dish with spinach on the side. WOW, in fact, she sent home leftovers and I'm having it for lunch today. Then on Saturday the husband and I slept in. I LOVE sleeping in. It was only till 8:30, but at least I got that in. I did the grocery thing on Saturday morning and the rest of the day we just hung out. The husband watched the Office on DVD and I just bummed around.

Saturday night we went to some friends for games and dinner. We played Balderdash. I had never played that before. We had fun.

Sunday we just again were lazy, however we did go out and play with the nephews. We played football outside. The weather was wonderful. Just a little chilly, but perfect. The husband was all time quarterback and I was all time defense. We played for about 2 hours.

Overall, my weekend was awesome. I did enjoy a good mexican dinner last night of chips and dip, I ate too much though!

Back to logging in sparks though. I took the weekend off, however I did still eat good and clean.

I'll post my food menu from today tomorrow!


SuperDave said...

That sound like an awesome weekend to me. Lying around the house and chillin makes a good day. Its funny because I think it's the first time that I read where you and the hubby didn't take off to a game. Then again there is next week.. :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Lots of fun stuff!!!

Brandi said...

Sounds like you had a relaxing and great weekend as well!!! We haven't played any games in forever! That sounds like so much fun! We will have to do a game night one night!! I love it!!!

This week I'm running Tuesday night at 6. We meet at Conway Regional Fitness and the rest of the week, I have no clue just yet. :D Let me know when you get your schedule worked out!