Monday, November 3, 2008

Hogs Win...Hogs Win!

The Hogs WON! WOOHOO! We beat Tulsa!

So exciting...We finally won another game. This has been a very slow season for us. I am so excited we won.

I didn't take many pictures this weekend. I just forgot at our tailgate. We just set up a few chairs and then ate Chick-Fil-A, so it wasn't much of a tailgate thats for sure.
I did get a new shirt for the game. I found it on Friday. It is grey with a red hog on it. I may wear it to this weekends game. Here I am in it:

It is hard to see, but so cute! That is me cheezing it up for a picture.

Here is one I took as I walked across campus.....the trees were gorgeous!

So, we had a fabulous win with a fabulous victory. On Saturday night I treated myself to a Metabolic Boost and life was just grand. I had pizza in case you were wondering.

This is a short week for me. I am heading to South Carolina on Friday for the next game, so I am only working 4 days this week.

Tomorrow is the election. The husband and I will cast our vote in the morning. I'm not sure how that race will turn out.

Tonight I plan on getting in a short run. I must start getting better about doing them. They are a must in my training, so I have that on the agenda.


Brandi said...

Yay thank goodness the Hogs won!!!

Yes I have become a 5K machine! :) I'm even running one this weekend as well! It's here in Conway for the Faulkner County Day School. I actually think we are getting up early, running 6 miles prior to the race then doing the 5K. We need to get in at least 9 miles for our marathon training. HA I'm crazy!

Tonight going to the Hendrix Clinic again. It's alright, helps me to get in some running and speed work for the week on Mondays and Thursdays. Once football is over I will let you know about our early Saturday morning runs, you are welcome to join us anytime!

The Skinner's said...

Adam's step dad is a SEC ref,that's why he travels out-of state. He can't officiate the Hogs' games!
You look so cute!!!