Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got the Blahs.....

Ever have one of those days when you just feel blah? I mean I woke up this morning did my hair, didn't like it. Got dressed, wasn't loving what I selected. Then I get in the car and realize I've spilt something on my jacket. UGH. Just one of those mornings.

This afternoon I have a dentist appointment. This is my cleaning appointment. I sure hope I get a good report. Last year I had to have several fillings filled and my wisdom teeth out. It was a rough year on my mouth. I hope I get good news today.

As of yesterday I am no longer employed with Weight Watchers. I felt like it was time for a break. So, as of today, I am free on Tuesday nights. To be honest, I am almost relieved. Every Tuesday night a local running club meets. Every Tuesday I couldn't go until now! They are meeting at 6 tonight. If I can get home after my dentist appointment and get supper cooked I may just go.

I have so much going on at work. I have to get out the Christmas party invitations for the employee Christmas party TODAY....No kidding. The party is in less than 3 weeks. EEK! I also have client gifts to work on, cards to attach to each gift (250), etc. I'm super busy right now.

My food is going pretty good also. I am totally not getting in that 2 gallons of water. I'm lucky to of gotten in 64 ounces the last few days. I'm going to try and do better today.

I better get busy!


Jen said...

I hear you on the blahs!!

We just got our Christmas party invitiations out on Thursday and it is THIS COMING SATURDAY!!!! I have pushed it off on other people because this year my position changed and I have NO time to plan it....it sucks!

Good for you for making choices that benefit YOU!

Juice said...

Isn't it nice to get an extra evening free in your week? Enjoy the run!

And when can we see the WW expose blog post? I want to know the inner workings of WW! ;)

photomama said...

I get the blahs ttoo, except i two boys screaming at me and not allowing me to indulge in it.