Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big evening planned

Tonight I'm doing a 10 mile run. In fact, Brandi might run with me. She and live in the same town. Small world I know. She is doing the same running schedule as I am, so I told her I was planning on going tonight and I think she is going to join me. I may bring my camera for a snap shot if I can remember.
My friend Julie will also be with me. Long runs are so much better when you have someone with you!
They also have a running group in my area. Brandi runs with them sometimes. After football season is over I'll probably try and go a few times.

My food is still going good. I am eating really clean foods and carbing up for tonight. Here is my food plan from yesterday.

Last night the husband and I went out for a treat..TCBY=$1.25 waffle cones. So, we both had one. It was yummy. I hadn't treated myself to one in weeks, so I did last night. It was yummy.
At lunch today I'm running over to Target to get some sports beans. Did you know they carry those? I didn't either until recently. I am going to pick up a couple of packets.

If you are wondering, my water drinking is still going, however I haven't been getting in the 250 oz. More like 210-225.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I am a big Biggest Loser watcher....I am disgusted by the blue team......Except for Amy! You go girl standing up like that. I just hope she doesn't let Vicky railroad her next week!


Jen said...

I AGREE on the blue team...I love Amy and I sincerely hope that she continues in the competition...Vicky is going to be a bitch about it you know...and I think that's ridiculous...and the looks on Heba's and Ed's face were like "crap, were screwed"

I wish we had a good "treat" deal around here...something to look forward to...

Dawn said...

I haven't watched yet but I know the outcome of BL. I am not sure if I want to watch considering the attitude I heard that Heba and Vicky have. Oh, they are going to make me mad I can tell. I mean seriously, would you want that type of attitude shown to the world on TV. I think not.

Amanda said...

Here I thought I drank a ton of water at 160 ounces a day--you blow me out of the water!!! GO GIRL!!!

Okay, I'm so glad someone else hates the blue team (except Amy C--LOVE her!). I wanted it to be 2 blue team members below the yellow line--that would have been AWESOME!! I sure hope Vicky doesn't win...I don't think Bob likes her b/c she's so bad. UGH!!! I just hate that Ed got back would have been great if it had been Phil!!! LOL!!!

photomama said...

Yeah I was so disgusted with the blue team too. Bad integrity!

SuperDave said...

I love sports beans.