Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to the grind

We had a good time in South Carolina. The drive was long and we lost. :(

I had an awesome eating weekend. I ate from my cooler and every dinner I had something healthy. I didn't really do a big cheat, instead a did a few small ones, such as bread at dinner, full fat dressing, etc. I thought I did excellent.

My only problem was not enough water. I'm still shooting for 2 gallons a day. Friday I got in about 80 and Saturday I got in 100. Sunday was better at 120 and then yesterday I was back at 200. I'm still not at 250 oz. though.
Here is one picture of me at the game trying to drink my water:

Our seats were so close to the field that it sucked. We had a hard time seeing anything.

You can't see this, but up on the screen is Michael Phelps...he was at the game.

On the way home, we stopped by the husbands favorite BBQ place for a sandwich. It was yummy as always.

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing, sleeping in, grocery shopping, cooking and enjoying myself. I love days off. It was wonderful.

I did some food prep yesterday, so I'm ready for a great food week!

I need to jet, I have tons of work to do.


photomama said...

glad you had a good wknd despite the loss.
gallons is a ton of water I am just trying to get my 1 gallon in. Have a good week.

SuperDave said...

Doesn't downing that much water just make you want to never drink it again!
You don't look happy drinking that water. haha

The Lewis's said...

Great job on the food this weekend!!