Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At home today...

I'm at home today. I had a project due, but we finished up yesterday so I opted for a day off. Everyone else wasn't going to work, so I decided I wouldn't either.

I slept until 8, which is good for me and now I'm about to head out for some cardio this morning. I would love to enjoy the night at home and seeing as I am at home today, why not get it done. Julie and I are meeting in about 20 minutes for a short run and some cardio. It is 40 degrees outside though..I might freeze my tooshy off!

I am going today to Target to look for some running pants. I need some. I'm seriously thinking about getting these. They are called running tights. Anyone use these?

So, the cake...I know you are all dying to know. It was good, but I wouldn't characterize it in that other category. I am making it to bring to my MIL's also seeing as I have all the ingredients.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Blog Friends! Don't forget to remember all the things you are thankful for. I know even though it is that time of year I neglect to remember how thankful I really am.

Off to do some cardio....Happy Thanksgiving!

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SV said...

I have a pair of running pants that are pretty similar to those from what I can see which I really like - they are a bit more structured than tights which is nice - and if it's really cold you could wear something underneath (I have to wear something in the winter here or I'll get frostbite!). I can't tell if these would do the same - but if so - I would recommend!

Happy Thanksgiving!