Monday, October 13, 2008

Talkative Monday!

GO HOGS! We beat the Auburn Tigers! What a great weekend! We are so pumped! I have lots of pictures to share!

The husband and I at a deli before the game!
Me after the game being silly! Listen, we were so excited over this win! We have had a very slow start this year!

The husband and Brandon after the game! Speaking of Brandon, he was so bad on this trip! More on that to come!

Me being silly again! We were just so excited!

Our final pose after the you can tell I went from Hot to Cold! Hoody on hoody off!

Final pic....Our quarterback...Casey Dick! WOOT! I wanted a picture of him, but he loaded the bus to fast! Darn! Oh well, next time! We did go and see the guys leave the stadium. We normally do that on road games just to cheer them on! Always fun!

Okay, on to my Brandon post! Remember last week I posted how I almost caved in for some smarties at my hair appt. Remember I said I didn't though. When Brandon arrived at our house on Friday guess what he had? A giant bag of these:
I had to drive ALL the way to Auburn, AL with these in the car. He even thought it would be funny to lay them around certain places such as my purse, my bag, my seat, in my lap, on my bed side table, etc. Just WRONG! I didn't cave though....WOOO HOO!

To sum it up, we had a great HOG weekend!



mamachristina said...

It looks like you had so much fun. Your nails are so pretty.

Teresa said...

Great job on the no smarties, Brandon should be hurt for that. LOL

I missed the game but was excited to hear they pulled it off. Glad you had a good trip. Keep up the good work.

Dawn said...

SO CUTE JESS!!! Love the pics. I thought of you and how excited you must have been at the game. Your hair looks really good by the way. GREAT JOB on passing up the smarty's.

Bikini Envy said...

Congrats on the win!

SuperDave said...

Down goes Auburn! Good to see ya guys in the winning ways again. Not too much for my team :(
Great job on the 9 miler the other day. You ran your first 5K 3 yrs ago in 27:11. You are a speedster.
Keep up the great running!!