Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Run down on the AR State Fair

Last night the husband and I went to the local State Fair. Arkansas State Fair that is. WOW, that is all I can say! I think I could spend hours just watching people.

We walked around and looked at animals. The downfall was we think we went to the fair to early this year. The animals were really scarce. Looked to us like they hadn't arrived yet. We saw a few pigs, chickens, tons of goats, rabbits, even a Kangaroo. We spent $5.00 feeding some animals and gave over half of the food away to someone. She was thrilled.

We spent a total of $8.00 at the fair. That was admission, parking and the food for the animals. We opted not to eat at the fair. EXPENSIVE! The hot item this year was fried bacon dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Can you say NASTY! PUKE!

So, the fair was fun, interesting to say the least!

Yesterday was an awesome food day for me. I am trying to stay away from so many carbs right now. It is amazing how much better my body feels when I don't fill it full of carbs! I'm a carb lover so this is a slight challenge for me. I am feeling really good though this morning!

I am also still Candy Free! Doing good with that challenge also. We are almost half way done! WOOT!

I am heading to KY this weekend! GO HOGS!

We are also becoming Dallas Cowboy fans. First of all the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones is a previous Razorback and also one of our star players from AR is now on the team (Felix Jones). He got hurt though on Sunday. His Hamstring is acting up, so he is out for 2-3 weeks. Bummer! Oh, and Tony Romo broke his pinkie! OUCH!
Looks like the Cowboys might struggle for a few weeks.

I am off to accomplish some tasks this morning!

Tonight the husband and I are going to to look at some new cell phones. We currently use Sprint, but we have a hard time getting signals. We think we might switch to AT&T. We are looking at maybe getting the Blackberry Pearl or the Curve. Anyone use either of these?


Dawn said...

I didn't realize that about Felix. Poor guy. He was doing so well. Great job on lowering the carbs, I know that is tough for you. Way to go. We are heading out tonight to wash Molly and walk her around for last minute preparations for the state fair. Chloe is excited! I so wish you could see her but I know you are headed to KY. I will have pics!

Brandi said...

Great job on the candy and not buying any fair food! We don't usually go to the state fair. James could care less about it. Maybe that will change once we have kids. Way to be strong though, if we did go, I can see me carrying cotton candy, fried pickles, fried snickers, corn dog, and don't forget the funnel cake! And yes I would have all that at once! :D So I congratulate you on passing by those!

Joelle said...

we have the curve for work and like it. havent tried the pearl though! i have heard they are coming out with something called the blackbery storm.. it's going to be cool i think!

Lucas said...

Just getting caught up after being away for a while. Congrats on still being candy free. That is a major accomplishment in my book! Way to go!