Thursday, October 23, 2008

Off to a Conference

I am off to a conference for work.

I'll be done on Friday, but then we have the Razorback game this weekend. This is the biggest game all year. We are taking on Houston Nutt and Ole Miss. (Former AR Coach).

Daniel and I at Ole Miss last year!

Wish us luck! We would love to win!

Have a super weekend.


photomama said...

I love it that you are so nuts about the hogs. I worked in arkansas and my ex was a huge hog fan but i think you put the an in fan!

Brandi said...

I saw your blog on another blog and had to leave a comment. I am originally from Arkansas and we are huge Hog fans. My two-year-old can even say "Woo Pig Soiee" (well, it's more like "Woo, Dig Too-chee," but it's close)!