Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nothing new with me...

Still Candy Free! I've thought about it a few times, but I've resisted. We have it several places around my office, including IN my office. I just have it hidden though. Out of sight, out of mind.
Last night I did a bike ride. It was chilly when I went. Brr. I did get some exercise in. Tonight is that 9 miler I've been talking about. I also skipped out on TCBY last night. My mom made homemade apple pie on Sunday and she had left overs. So I went and got the husband a piece of that and I ate a rice cake with some PB for my dessert! Much better for me than the apple pie a la mode! My mom makes the best apple pies!

I also watched the BL. I felt bad for the Brown Team. I knew where she was coming from, but he acted as if he never cared if she worked out more often.
I was glad she won the challenge and then shared it with the purple team.
I was shocked to see Ed go home. I figured he would be around a while. That following below the yellow line and having to send a team member home is a good twist.

I got my sewer study project completed, but now I want to rest. It was another last minute project. We got it delivered just in time.

Wish me luck for my run tonight. 9 miles shouldn't be too difficult! At least I hope not!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on those 9 miles!! Shouldn't be too bad, but wear a flashing light!! Don't want to chance getting ran over!

I commute from Conway to LR..depending on the day, 30 to 45 mins... not too bad I don't guess. Still sucks though! lol Those are actually shorts that I'm wearing, but the kitchen chairs blend in and you can't tell. I haven't tried a skort yet, but I've heard great things!

I'm debating on running 9 miles on Sunday morning - we're meeting at 5am..but I don't think I'm gonna make it. Good thing is, I can feel my toes! ha!

Brandi said...

Yes I watch BL too and I love it! I'm rooting for the Red team this year. They are so sweet! I've even got my hubby watching it with me now. Last year he would just roll his eyes and go in the bedroom to watch something else or get on the computer but last night he actually left the computer to watch the show. That's a big step for him! HA

Good luck on the run tonight!

Dawn said...

Good luck on your run Jess! You will do great!

Look at you passing up your Momma's apple pie. WOOT!! If that isn't will power I don't know what is. Great great job!!!

Yum, yum, PB and choc. rice cake, my new fav treat.

Bikini Envy said...

9 miles?! Eeep. I'm not sure I could even walk 9 miles unless, well, shopping was involved :).

I felt bad for Ed and Heba. I know how hard it would be for me if my husband were to leave but he looks like he's doing great.