Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Look....

I have a new look! Hope you like it. Staci with Simply Chic Blog Backgrounds did it for me! She was so helpful and did a great job! If you want a new look, email her. She was so helpful. Thanks Staci!

Day 1 of no Candy=SUCCESS!

Yesterday was awesome for me. I ate good and exercised.

Food from Yesterday:
B: Shredded Wheat, Skim Milk
L: Lean Cusine, side of broc., apple
S: Atkins Protein Bar
S: Wasa Cracker, few slices of cheese
D: Taco Meat, side of rice and beans all on some lettuce, few FF pringles

I did do my 8 miler last night. It went great! I was pleased. I had one issue, but I made it through it.

Tonight is good TV night, so I'll be catching up on stories. I noticed Grey's isn't on tonight. Something political I think instead. Last night I watched Private Practice. I like that show also. I have so much I need to watch on my DVR. The remaining America's Got Talent and also Biggest Loser from Tuesday! I need to schedule a few hours with my TV and couch.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday! Almost the weekend!

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Bikini Envy said...

Love the new look! Especially the lil Jessica signature macthingy at the bottom of the posts.

Too cute.