Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Day of October....

Today is the last day of October! Time is flying by. I must say that I have had a great month. I stayed CANDY FREE all month long.

Today is the final day, and I'm not cheating on candy today. No way. I went all month and I'm not giving in on the final day!

Last night was my 10 mile run. It went good. I needed to eat more on Wednesday in prep for yesterday. I just didn't have enough healthy carbs. My energy was DOWN when I finished. I was glad I got it over though. I decided last night to fuel with sports beans. I liked them. I had tried them before, but not for an official fuel item. I will remember these.

This weekend is the Arkansas/Tulsa game. More drama will unfold I'm sure. The offensive coordinator at Tulsa, was once at AR. I'm sure we'll see some more showing out this week.
We plan on tailgating, however, it is a 1:00 game. We won't have much time.

We are also getting our cell phones today. I hope I can figure them out with ease.

Yesterday when I was registering for the LR Marathon I was trying to decide what I wanted on my bib for the race. I chose HOGFAN4LIFE again. It was what I used for the Las Vegas Half last year. Here is a picture of me before that race and one of me in my AR Girls Rock shirt at the Expo.
Have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

Aww I didn't think to get creative on my bib, I just put my name! You do know on the early sign up, you have to take more than 6 hours or you could be disqualified. I did read that somewhere. May check into that! No I'm not running any more half marathons between now and then. I'm going to do a few more 5K's but that's it.

Great job on the candy!!!! I would have been lucky to go a day without any! HA

Brandi said...

Oops I mean on the early time, not early sign up, if that makes sense. If you signed up to run at 6 instead of 8 it's so you can have more time than 6 hours.