Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just Say No!

I am starting a new Challenge today! Just Say No To Halloween Candy! My goal for the next 31 days is no candy! This is a biggie for me. I love Chocolate! Especially when I'm at work and I need a pick me up.
Did I mention that my work thrives on having candy available at our disposal. So, it lays around just glaring you down!

Over at PNP, Dawn started the Just Say No To Halloween Candy challenge so I'm going to participate. She did this challenge last year and succeeded! She didn't eat any candy! I'm so proud of her. Well this year I want to do the same! So, each day I'll start a countdown on how well I've done! Today is Day 1!

Tonight my plan is a long run of 8 miles. I'm going right after work so I don't try and make excuses not to do it.

Update on yesterday! I drank about 120 oz of water! I was very pleased. I did get a text from a friend asking if I was peeing all day. Of course I was!

I have a giant project due Friday so I gotta get moving!

I joined facebook by the way yesterday. I gotta play around with it and figure it out though!

Oh, and sometime within in the next day or so, you'll see a new look for me on my blog!

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