Monday, October 27, 2008

Last week of October!

Good Morning!

I didn't want to get up when the alarm sounded this morning. I hate Monday Mornings!

I heard on the radio this morning coming into work that they had a shooting at the University I attended. Wow, crazy stuff. 2 people have died. It happened last night at 9:00.

We had a fun weekend. We did lose to Houston Nutt and Ole Miss, but that is okay. I love the HOGS and would never route against them, but I'm okay that Houston beat us this time. He deserved to stick it to all the Houston Haters. Next year though, I won't be so nice if we lose!

Here are a few pictures from the tailgate party:

My nephew at the tailgate party. He was so proud of that new jersey he got. Michael Smith is #21. He is our running back.

We decided to purchase a grill at the last minute. This would be my sister and Brandon trying to put it together.

This would be all the lovely junk we had at the party! You will notice tons of candy, dip, chips, etc. Those white boxes had cookies and yummy stuff! I resisted though. No candy or sweets passed these lips all weekend!

I have one other picture to share. It was our pumpkin that Brandon carved. Also, none of those beers belong to me.

I've been out of the office since Wednesday, so I need to get busy this morning.

Oh and I was down this morning again. 2.8 lbs to be exact.


Hautemama said...

I think we do the exact same type of work-I'm a Marketing Coordinator in Tulsa-in the A-E industry! You are so inspiring!


Brandi said...

Yes I went to the meeting. They just talked about the marathon and what all is involved. You can go to to sign up for the training to get on the mailing list if you want to. They also have the training schedules out there. Also we are going to be doing 6 am runs every Saturday here in Conway for it. You can go to and sign up and look under community tab for the Little Rock Marathon Conway Training user group and she will post meeting places and routes for the Saturday runs.

SuperDave said...

That is one hilarious pumpkin! You must have super will power to be able to withstand all the junk at the football games.

Juice said...

Great job! I'm impressed with your self control!