Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost caved on Smarties!

Last night I had my hair appointment. As I was leaving the salon I noticed a giant bowl of smarties and lollipops. I almost caved in. In fact, I even picked it up. I then placed it back in the bowl and walked off. I immediately remembered NO CANDY! Good for me! Huge step seeing as I'm a candy lover.

Last night I went to bed before 9 and I feel so much better. In fact, I feel tons better.

Here was my food from yesterday:
B: Skim Milk/Shredded Wheat
L: Lean cuisine, side of broc., Protein bar
S: Peanut Butter and chocolate rice cake, apple
S: 1 laughing cow cheese, 1 Wasa cracker
D:Subway Sand, few pringles, protein bar

I had two protein bars yesterday. My schedule was slightly wonky with a hair appt. Then the husband was asked to referee a game. It just got kind of crazy yesterday.

Here is my food plan for today:
B: Skim Milk/Shredded Wheat
L:Lean Cuisine, side of broc., protein bar
S: Peanut butter, chocolate rice cake, apple
D: Taco meat over a giant salad, salsa, light sprinkle of cheese
S: Will have a light snack before bed

Tonight is Weight Watchers.


Brandi said...

Hey there! We meet at the Conway Regional Fitness Center over in the parking lot behind the Fire Station on Salem. We meet on Tuesday's at 6pm and Saturdays at 8am but some Saturdays we run with an earlier group at 6 and their meeting place varies. I also got an email about a run clinic starting this week at Hendrix. Send me your email address and I can forward it to you. I think I may do it as well. Keeps me running and motivated. bmhargis@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Well..looks like Brandi already told you! LOL This Sunday we're running at 5am - 8 or 9 miles if you're interested.

Q102Briand said...

Good on you for being able to put the candy down. There is always temptation lurking ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there
I too am 30 and wanting to lose weight to start a family in the next year or so. I just started WW and my long journey!! I enjoyed reading your blog