Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tonight will be a 10 mile run. I must keep pressing on with my training for the half and full marathon. The Half is in about 5 weeks. The full is several months away though.
I went last week and picked up a few of the hammergel products. I by far have liked those the most since I started the fueling process. Chocolate and Vanilla are my favorite. I had to purchase those from a bike store in the town over from me. They were out of chocolate when I went. :( He told me he would order me some though.

I am interested in biking. After this running stops, I might just do some research on some bikes. The guy at the bike store each time has asked me if I was a biker. Each time I've told him no. I was a little intrigued the last time I visited the store on how much a bike costs. He told me a good starter bike would run me about $700.00. OUCH! I'd have to save up for that.

Just thinking about some options for the future. I need to ask a girl at PNP , she rides 100 miles in honor of someones birthday. WOW, crazy.

The husband and I did decide on the phones. They should arrive on Friday or Monday. We ordered them instead of purchasing inside the store. Seemed like less of a hassle. Of course now, our current phones are acting goofy. We think they must of shut them off. I might be without a phone for a few days. YIKES! Not good.

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SuperDave said...

A few things.(Of course when you get the chance.)
Congrats on having enough courage to sign up for a FULL marathon. I'm nervous just thinking about it.
Cell phones. I have looked at both of your-alls phones.(Mine is acting up). Tell me how they both are, so my decision will be easier. please?? I like both of them!
Country Music half you ran back in April. Nashville race? If yes,Was it as hilly as I have been told? That's gonna be my first half race.
I'm not asking much am I? thanks :)