Friday, October 31, 2008

6 in 6 Tag

All you do for this tag is select the 6th picture in the 6th folder. Very simple. Here is mine:

This was one of those pictures that someone else took (the husband). Not sure what he was taking or why, but he was getting me doing something. Looks like I'm suffering from a headache or something! My hair is so brown! I felt skinny then!
This was at a Little Rock game several years ago. I love that hog shirt. I might just wear that this weekend.

Anyone can participate.

Last Day of October....

Today is the last day of October! Time is flying by. I must say that I have had a great month. I stayed CANDY FREE all month long.

Today is the final day, and I'm not cheating on candy today. No way. I went all month and I'm not giving in on the final day!

Last night was my 10 mile run. It went good. I needed to eat more on Wednesday in prep for yesterday. I just didn't have enough healthy carbs. My energy was DOWN when I finished. I was glad I got it over though. I decided last night to fuel with sports beans. I liked them. I had tried them before, but not for an official fuel item. I will remember these.

This weekend is the Arkansas/Tulsa game. More drama will unfold I'm sure. The offensive coordinator at Tulsa, was once at AR. I'm sure we'll see some more showing out this week.
We plan on tailgating, however, it is a 1:00 game. We won't have much time.

We are also getting our cell phones today. I hope I can figure them out with ease.

Yesterday when I was registering for the LR Marathon I was trying to decide what I wanted on my bib for the race. I chose HOGFAN4LIFE again. It was what I used for the Las Vegas Half last year. Here is a picture of me before that race and one of me in my AR Girls Rock shirt at the Expo.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is Official....

I registered for a Full Marathon!

Little Rock Marathon
March 15, 2009!


Tonight will be a 10 mile run. I must keep pressing on with my training for the half and full marathon. The Half is in about 5 weeks. The full is several months away though.
I went last week and picked up a few of the hammergel products. I by far have liked those the most since I started the fueling process. Chocolate and Vanilla are my favorite. I had to purchase those from a bike store in the town over from me. They were out of chocolate when I went. :( He told me he would order me some though.

I am interested in biking. After this running stops, I might just do some research on some bikes. The guy at the bike store each time has asked me if I was a biker. Each time I've told him no. I was a little intrigued the last time I visited the store on how much a bike costs. He told me a good starter bike would run me about $700.00. OUCH! I'd have to save up for that.

Just thinking about some options for the future. I need to ask a girl at PNP , she rides 100 miles in honor of someones birthday. WOW, crazy.

The husband and I did decide on the phones. They should arrive on Friday or Monday. We ordered them instead of purchasing inside the store. Seemed like less of a hassle. Of course now, our current phones are acting goofy. We think they must of shut them off. I might be without a phone for a few days. YIKES! Not good.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phone shopping

The husband and I have been phone shopping for the last few days. Trying to narrow down what we want.

I think I decided I want the Blackberry Pearl:

He wants the Blackberry Curve:

It looks like we are going to do it.

Not much to report today. Just still plugging along. I am going to begin working on Christmas Cards for friends and also for work. Each year I make homemade Christmas Cards. This year I really wanted to go the easy route and buy some. The bad part is every year I get so many compliments on them. I feel like I am letting people down. I thought about ordering some through Arkansas Children's Hospital this year, but I think I'll make my cards again. I usually send out over 80 Christmas Cards each year. Exhausting!

I also have to make cards though for our work Christmas Party, the Chairman of our companies Christmas Party, and cards for clients! It can be exhausting then also.
So, I'm headed to Hobby Lobby today to figure out my plan. It is now time to begin working on my cards.
I think I decided on a stamp from stampin-up for our personal use cards, but I need to locate something for work.

Have a good Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Egg White Tuesday

As we speak I am finishing off my breakfast of 2 egg whites and 1 egg scrambled with a side of string cheese. My breakfast is a little out of the ordinary today. I would normally have some meat in eggs or something, but I was out.

I am still trying to eat fewer carbs and only healthy ones when I do. Such as yogurt, low carb tortilla, beans in chili, etc.
Here was my menu yesterday:
B:1 egg, 2 egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon
S:Protein Shake
L: 1 low carb tortilla, turkey, raw carrots, laughing cow wedge, yogurt
S:String Cheese (was still full from lunch)
D: Lean meat chili with minimal beans
S: 2 slices of ham, 2 % cheese

Last night I attended an Arbonne party and they had some good looking snacks. The only item that really tempted me were these awesome looking cookies. They were chocolate chip/oatmeal/macadamia nut all in one. Oh my they were chewy and big. Wow, I had to really talk myself out of one. They also had homemade hot chocolate with heavy cream. YIKES! I opted for the ham and 2 % cheese instead. Boy was it tempting.

I have mentioned this before, but I've thought about dabbling in Arbonne for a while. Last night I helped host a party to see about the business. I'm thinking I may just let people use my Consultant Discount and call it at that. Maybe every now and then I'll get some discounted makeup or something.
They can use my 35% off discount anytime they want. I think it will work good this way.
I am fine with products at discounts verses money. Plus, I don't have the time to hound people to buy. Seriously, I'm learning that sometimes that is what it takes.

Okay, enough about Arbonne.

Today is the 28th. I have lasted all month with NO CANDY! WOO HOO!

Today a coworker called in and told me she was going to be taking a vacation day today because she is having to put her dog down. Isn't that sad! Poor dog is 18 years old. She was pretty devastated.

Brr it was freezing this morning when I got out of bed. The Husband and I had to put an extra blanket on last night. Brr...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Last week of October!

Good Morning!

I didn't want to get up when the alarm sounded this morning. I hate Monday Mornings!

I heard on the radio this morning coming into work that they had a shooting at the University I attended. Wow, crazy stuff. 2 people have died. It happened last night at 9:00.

We had a fun weekend. We did lose to Houston Nutt and Ole Miss, but that is okay. I love the HOGS and would never route against them, but I'm okay that Houston beat us this time. He deserved to stick it to all the Houston Haters. Next year though, I won't be so nice if we lose!

Here are a few pictures from the tailgate party:

My nephew at the tailgate party. He was so proud of that new jersey he got. Michael Smith is #21. He is our running back.

We decided to purchase a grill at the last minute. This would be my sister and Brandon trying to put it together.

This would be all the lovely junk we had at the party! You will notice tons of candy, dip, chips, etc. Those white boxes had cookies and yummy stuff! I resisted though. No candy or sweets passed these lips all weekend!

I have one other picture to share. It was our pumpkin that Brandon carved. Also, none of those beers belong to me.

I've been out of the office since Wednesday, so I need to get busy this morning.

Oh and I was down this morning again. 2.8 lbs to be exact.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Off to a Conference

I am off to a conference for work.

I'll be done on Friday, but then we have the Razorback game this weekend. This is the biggest game all year. We are taking on Houston Nutt and Ole Miss. (Former AR Coach).

Daniel and I at Ole Miss last year!

Wish us luck! We would love to win!

Have a super weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged and No Halloween Candy!

I was tagged by Shannon for 6 things about me you don't know. So, here it goes.

1. Before the husband and I got married, the husband was going to be a JAG for the Army. In fact, we had gotten our orders to move to Germany. Right after we married, we had a change of heart and decided to stay in AR.
2. When I was 6, I broke my arm. My sisters and brother were upstairs while my parents were wrapping Christmas presents. This was about 3 or 4 days before Christmas. Anyhow, we were playing that silly game where someone sits on another persons feet and then they hoist you off. Well, that happened to me and I somehow broke my arm. WEIRD. I had to have surgery a few days before Christmas. I had a lovely cast in all of the pictures that year.
3. I have several siblings. All of our names start with the letter "J". Jennifer, Jill, Janna, Jessica, Joseph. My parents are Don and Nancy though.
4. I found out yesterday that I am going to host a show with my father for our local cable company. Then after the first of the year, I will tape more shows with just me. I did a pilot about 3 months ago, and they decided to pick it up.
5. One of my jobs during my lifetime was working for a company that sells foot files. I travelled the U.S. and even England promoting it. That was a fun job, but I was wiped out with all the travelling I did. I also had to drive 50 min from my home everyday into the office.
6. I was once engaged to a guy for a few months before I met my current husband. The guy broke it off. So glad he did. That same guy was killed in a motorcycle accident about 4 years ago.

I am still candy free. Boy it is getting a little harder, but I am still managing to not eat it. Candy is everywhere these days.

I am going to a work conference tomorrow and Friday, so I'll be out of pocket. You may not see me for a few days. I will get to stay with Dawn though so that will be nice. She and I plan on doing some running together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So much to say!

Okay, I have lots to say today! One is I was out yesterday with a funeral. I went to the Chairman's mothers funeral. She was almost 88. Sad.

Then this weekend we were in KY. I still don't know exactly what happened. We were winning the entire time, then about 5 min in the 4th quarter our team fell apart and lost the game. Bummer! The trip was good, but 9 hours on Saturday, then 9 hours home on Sunday, oh and 4 hours yesterday, I am worn out. I don't want to drive anymore in the car.

Here are some pics from KY.

It was so windy! Oh and cold...brr!

Brandon and the husband

Here we are at the game. Some stranger was in the picture with us. Not sure who that was.

We lost by 1 point!

This week we are home. We are playing Ole Miss. This game will be interesting. Seeing as we will be playing our old coach this week. Should make for an interesting atmosphere this weekend.

Finally, last but certainly not least! I was down 3.2 lbs when I weighed in on Monday! Woohoo! Very excited!

I need to jet...I was out yesterday and I have tons of stuff to accomplish!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of Pocket

I had to attend a funeral today, so I was out of pocket all day.

Normal posting will resume tomorrow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

3 Day Weekend!

Today is my Friday! YEAH. The husband, myself and Brandon are heading to KY on Saturday morning. I thought I would share a few pictures from the KY vs. AR game last year.

This will be our first time to visit Lexington for a game, so that should be fun. I always enjoy visiting stadiums I have never seen. The only SEC teams I still need to see are Georgia and FL. I'll get to see FL next year and then Georgia's the following year.

We are really hoping for another win! I think we can beat them if we play like we did last week.

Last night I didn't get my full 10 miles in. I just wasn't feeling it. I did do about 10 miles worth, but I decided to Bike and Walk also. So, I did run, bike and walk for 10 miles. It was a good workout once it was over but I just wasn't feeling it last night.

I am off tomorrow so I'll enjoy a day before we head to KY. I have some vacation hours I need to use up or I lose them. I have about 12 I need to use in between now and the first week of December. I do know I plan on taking off 2 days for the South Carolina game, so I should get them used up.

Have a great weekend and cross those fingers for the HOGS!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Mile Run Tonight

Tonight is my 10 miler. I plan on going around 5:30 or so, so I can be back home no later than 8. That will make for a long day.

I am still plugging along with the No Candy Challenge. I down 14 days thus far. Listen, I have said this already, but this challenge is huge for me. I love Chocolate!

I am also still eating good. I am trying to limit my carbs and it is going really well.

Friday I am taking a vacation day. I am going to help my sister most of the day with a catering job. It pays cash and I dig that. I will be helping her most of the day. Then we leave on Saturday Morning for Lexington, KY.

I have tons of stuff at work to accomplish...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Run down on the AR State Fair

Last night the husband and I went to the local State Fair. Arkansas State Fair that is. WOW, that is all I can say! I think I could spend hours just watching people.

We walked around and looked at animals. The downfall was we think we went to the fair to early this year. The animals were really scarce. Looked to us like they hadn't arrived yet. We saw a few pigs, chickens, tons of goats, rabbits, even a Kangaroo. We spent $5.00 feeding some animals and gave over half of the food away to someone. She was thrilled.

We spent a total of $8.00 at the fair. That was admission, parking and the food for the animals. We opted not to eat at the fair. EXPENSIVE! The hot item this year was fried bacon dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Can you say NASTY! PUKE!

So, the fair was fun, interesting to say the least!

Yesterday was an awesome food day for me. I am trying to stay away from so many carbs right now. It is amazing how much better my body feels when I don't fill it full of carbs! I'm a carb lover so this is a slight challenge for me. I am feeling really good though this morning!

I am also still Candy Free! Doing good with that challenge also. We are almost half way done! WOOT!

I am heading to KY this weekend! GO HOGS!

We are also becoming Dallas Cowboy fans. First of all the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones is a previous Razorback and also one of our star players from AR is now on the team (Felix Jones). He got hurt though on Sunday. His Hamstring is acting up, so he is out for 2-3 weeks. Bummer! Oh, and Tony Romo broke his pinkie! OUCH!
Looks like the Cowboys might struggle for a few weeks.

I am off to accomplish some tasks this morning!

Tonight the husband and I are going to to look at some new cell phones. We currently use Sprint, but we have a hard time getting signals. We think we might switch to AT&T. We are looking at maybe getting the Blackberry Pearl or the Curve. Anyone use either of these?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Talkative Monday!

GO HOGS! We beat the Auburn Tigers! What a great weekend! We are so pumped! I have lots of pictures to share!

The husband and I at a deli before the game!
Me after the game being silly! Listen, we were so excited over this win! We have had a very slow start this year!

The husband and Brandon after the game! Speaking of Brandon, he was so bad on this trip! More on that to come!

Me being silly again! We were just so excited!

Our final pose after the you can tell I went from Hot to Cold! Hoody on hoody off!

Final pic....Our quarterback...Casey Dick! WOOT! I wanted a picture of him, but he loaded the bus to fast! Darn! Oh well, next time! We did go and see the guys leave the stadium. We normally do that on road games just to cheer them on! Always fun!

Okay, on to my Brandon post! Remember last week I posted how I almost caved in for some smarties at my hair appt. Remember I said I didn't though. When Brandon arrived at our house on Friday guess what he had? A giant bag of these:
I had to drive ALL the way to Auburn, AL with these in the car. He even thought it would be funny to lay them around certain places such as my purse, my bag, my seat, in my lap, on my bed side table, etc. Just WRONG! I didn't cave though....WOOO HOO!

To sum it up, we had a great HOG weekend!


Friday, October 10, 2008

3 years ago.....

I started the Couch to 5K program! Wow, time has flown by! Here is a picture from my first race! I ran my 5k in 27:11. Julie my friend did it with me. I opted for a no make up day. She didn't! She looks great and I look like a freak. Oh well, lesson learned always look presentable for your race pics!
I look really thin in this picure! It was freezing that day and I had trouble breathing. That was my first 5K. I never ran a faster one after that!

This weekend in Arkansas is the Race for the Cure. I participate in a team every year. In fact, our company does a team and we invite our clients to participate. This year our team is 50 people. That is good for us. I can't participate this year though. We are going to Auburn, AL for the Hog game!
2 years ago I had to miss the game due to the race, so this year I decided I was going regardless. The bosses seemed ok with that. They didn't tell me no!
Here is a picture of the husband and Brandon 2 years ago. They actually had to travel through the night to make it on time!
We won that game by the was awesome!

Brandon and the husband!

Almost forgot...I got my 9 mile run in last night. We went about 5:30, so we were home by dark. The weather was awesome!

I also wanted to share two important numbers with you:

56 Days until the Memphis 1/2.

156 Days until the LR Marathon

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nothing new with me...

Still Candy Free! I've thought about it a few times, but I've resisted. We have it several places around my office, including IN my office. I just have it hidden though. Out of sight, out of mind.
Last night I did a bike ride. It was chilly when I went. Brr. I did get some exercise in. Tonight is that 9 miler I've been talking about. I also skipped out on TCBY last night. My mom made homemade apple pie on Sunday and she had left overs. So I went and got the husband a piece of that and I ate a rice cake with some PB for my dessert! Much better for me than the apple pie a la mode! My mom makes the best apple pies!

I also watched the BL. I felt bad for the Brown Team. I knew where she was coming from, but he acted as if he never cared if she worked out more often.
I was glad she won the challenge and then shared it with the purple team.
I was shocked to see Ed go home. I figured he would be around a while. That following below the yellow line and having to send a team member home is a good twist.

I got my sewer study project completed, but now I want to rest. It was another last minute project. We got it delivered just in time.

Wish me luck for my run tonight. 9 miles shouldn't be too difficult! At least I hope not!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eyes are stinging!

My eyes are stinging today. Actually that have been off and on for a few days now. I told the husband the other day I thought I needed my eyes checked. I'm seriously thinking I should.

I got a new computer at work and the screen is different. It seems blurry to me. I've tried adjusting it, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Could me eyes be the problem? Hmm?

I was going to do a 9 mile run tonight, but my running friend can't. She works for a local university and this weekend is homecoming. She is tied up tonight with the homecoming court. So, we plan on going tomorrow night. Not sure what I will do tonight, but I'm sure something. I need to do some form of exercise. I feel like a big slacker lately in the exercise department. I've been getting in that long run, but for the most part an occasional walk or bike ride is all I'm doing on top of that. I just need to get focused back on some good workouts.

We just finished the 8 in 8 challenge with my trainer. I didn't lose 8 lbs in 8 weeks. In fact, I think I stayed the same! :( Oh well! At least I didn't gain!
We are getting ready to begin another challenge next week. Just in time. I need some extra motivation right now!
The husband told me yesterday that it looked like I had lost a little weight. SWEET!

Tonight is TCBY $1.27 waffle cones. This has become a regular treat for me and the husband each week. We love it and the price is cheap! I always get Non Fat/Sugar Free. It is a nice treat for me every Wed. maybe I can convince him to ride our bikes over.

I must get going. I have a pile of work just glaring me down! Oh and a project due tomorrow. Our company is tyring to win a job doing a sewer study! See the fun stuff I get to work with everyday!

Off to work!

Almost Forgot....STILL CANDY FREE!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost caved on Smarties!

Last night I had my hair appointment. As I was leaving the salon I noticed a giant bowl of smarties and lollipops. I almost caved in. In fact, I even picked it up. I then placed it back in the bowl and walked off. I immediately remembered NO CANDY! Good for me! Huge step seeing as I'm a candy lover.

Last night I went to bed before 9 and I feel so much better. In fact, I feel tons better.

Here was my food from yesterday:
B: Skim Milk/Shredded Wheat
L: Lean cuisine, side of broc., Protein bar
S: Peanut Butter and chocolate rice cake, apple
S: 1 laughing cow cheese, 1 Wasa cracker
D:Subway Sand, few pringles, protein bar

I had two protein bars yesterday. My schedule was slightly wonky with a hair appt. Then the husband was asked to referee a game. It just got kind of crazy yesterday.

Here is my food plan for today:
B: Skim Milk/Shredded Wheat
L:Lean Cuisine, side of broc., protein bar
S: Peanut butter, chocolate rice cake, apple
D: Taco meat over a giant salad, salsa, light sprinkle of cheese
S: Will have a light snack before bed

Tonight is Weight Watchers.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Exhausted and need a vacation

I am just worn down. The husband and I didn't stop all weekend. We joked this morning that we felt like we lived in the car all weekend. I was so close to calling in sick this morning. I'm just wiped out, have a giant headache and need some rest.

Saturday at the game we played much better. HUGE improvement. We didn't win, but at least we didn't get killed by 50 or more points. The husband and I think things are looking up for the HOGS. This weekend we travel to Auburn, AL.

On Sunday we travelled to the in laws who live about an hour and a half from us. We went to a family reunion. It was good, but we spent the entire day socializing with the family. I got home at 9:00 last night washed my face, brushed my teeth and headed to bed. On top of being extremely exhausted, I didn't sleep worth a darn. I hate that. Again, I should of called in sick this morning.

I am still going strong with my candy challenge. I guess that makes my count at 5 days down.

Tonight I have a hair appointment. Then after that I'm going home to crash.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.
This is me and Jennifer a friend of ours. She and her husband sat with the husband and I. Notice the man in the background next me...he looks ticked doesn't he!
Jennifer gave birth to a little boy not too long ago. She has lost almost all of her baby weight. She looks fantastic.

This would be Jennifer's husband Jeff and then the husband.

As far as the weekend goes, it went good, but now I need a day to recoup!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Finally Friday...

I love Fridays! I mean LOVE them! Probably my favorite day of the week!

I am down 2 days so far with my No Halloween Candy Challenge. I'm also eating according to my plan. Both of these =Success in my book.

This weekend is the Arkansas vs. Florida game. I know we don't have a chance,
but I'll still go and support my team. The husband and I are planning on driving down early in the morning an then coming back home. The University of AR is about 2 hours from our house. Not a bad drive at all. All interstate!

December of 2006 we played Florida for the SEC Championship Game. I thought I would post a few of those pictures. That trip was a blast. We almost won that one! A slight fumble though caused everything to spiral out of control and we lost. Darn the bad luck!
This pictures always cracks me up. This is Boss Hog one of our mascots. If you look closely you can see my tonsils.

This was the husband being silly!

Me with Chick-Fil-A Chicken!

This was a random guy in the restaurant that offered us cooked Bacon..Get it Pigs/Bacon. Ha! We laughed though and the guys thought it was cleaver so we they wanted a photo with him.

Okay, enough strolling down memory lane.

I may have a picture or two to share on Monday. They are calling for rain on Saturday! YUCK!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Look....

I have a new look! Hope you like it. Staci with Simply Chic Blog Backgrounds did it for me! She was so helpful and did a great job! If you want a new look, email her. She was so helpful. Thanks Staci!

Day 1 of no Candy=SUCCESS!

Yesterday was awesome for me. I ate good and exercised.

Food from Yesterday:
B: Shredded Wheat, Skim Milk
L: Lean Cusine, side of broc., apple
S: Atkins Protein Bar
S: Wasa Cracker, few slices of cheese
D: Taco Meat, side of rice and beans all on some lettuce, few FF pringles

I did do my 8 miler last night. It went great! I was pleased. I had one issue, but I made it through it.

Tonight is good TV night, so I'll be catching up on stories. I noticed Grey's isn't on tonight. Something political I think instead. Last night I watched Private Practice. I like that show also. I have so much I need to watch on my DVR. The remaining America's Got Talent and also Biggest Loser from Tuesday! I need to schedule a few hours with my TV and couch.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday! Almost the weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just Say No!

I am starting a new Challenge today! Just Say No To Halloween Candy! My goal for the next 31 days is no candy! This is a biggie for me. I love Chocolate! Especially when I'm at work and I need a pick me up.
Did I mention that my work thrives on having candy available at our disposal. So, it lays around just glaring you down!

Over at PNP, Dawn started the Just Say No To Halloween Candy challenge so I'm going to participate. She did this challenge last year and succeeded! She didn't eat any candy! I'm so proud of her. Well this year I want to do the same! So, each day I'll start a countdown on how well I've done! Today is Day 1!

Tonight my plan is a long run of 8 miles. I'm going right after work so I don't try and make excuses not to do it.

Update on yesterday! I drank about 120 oz of water! I was very pleased. I did get a text from a friend asking if I was peeing all day. Of course I was!

I have a giant project due Friday so I gotta get moving!

I joined facebook by the way yesterday. I gotta play around with it and figure it out though!

Oh, and sometime within in the next day or so, you'll see a new look for me on my blog!