Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm sleepy this morning!

Last night I worked my WW meeting and then went to my brothers softball game. I've been meaning to attend one for a while now, but time just hasn't allowed it. So, after my meeting the husband and I went to the game!

When we got home I had the Biggest Loser on DVR. It was 9:00 and I wanted to watch, but the husband had purchased Rock Band 2 and he was eager to play it. Plus, I really needed to get a ST in like I promised. SO, at 9:00 I got out my workout and started my ST. It went good. I am tired this morning though. I went to bed later than normal and my muscles are sore!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to update my blog to something a little more original. I thought I might have someone create me one, or I might create myself one. Haven't decided yet, just know I'm working on something.

Tonight I must start packing for the weekend. Tomorrow night I have plans until late so I need to get it going tonight. We are heading to Fayetteville on Friday for the Alabama/Arkansas game. Man, I'm afraid we are going to get hammered! After the game on Saturday, we are hanging out with some of my husbands good friends from Law School. It should be fun! I'll take pictures and post them next week.

Tonight I am running again...just a short one though!


Bikini Envy said...

Hey there :)

I noticed we're both in similar positions. I am *attempting* to loose weight not only for personal reasons but to get to a healthy weight for my first pregnancy. I too am doing WWs as well.

Also, I just redid my blog and after spending many painless hours creating my own just to have the html get the best of me, I went to this site ( and picked one. heh.

Good luck with your journey :)

mamachristina said...

I so missed biggest loser last night. Bummed! Can't wait to see you r new blog.

Alli said...

The BL premeier was good!! I think its goign to be a very motivating season!