Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday! Alabama Weekend!

I'm scared and nervous about the weekend! We are playing Alabama. I got an email from a Roll Tide friend yesterday. She was wishing us both good luck! Yikes, I 'm afraid we're in for trouble.
Tonight the husband is refereeing a High School Football game in Hector! Where is Hector? Some where close to Dover. Where is Dover might you be asking? Right near Russellville. Home of the best burgers in town! We are huge Whataburger fans! YUM, YUM! Definitely not in the points values I need to working in, but nonetheless awesome french fries and burgers. This is not your normal ole hamburger chain! They ROCK!
Okay, I'm losing my train of thought here. Back to tonight!

We are leaving for his game this afternoon. He has to meet the "crew" so they can all travel together. Man, you'll get attacked by angry fans when your a referee, so they travel in groups! :) Not sure I ever told this story, but one time he was doing a game at a Christian School. They had to call the cops for an escort! People are nuts!

So, after the game in Hector, we'll head to Rogers.

I wanted to tailgate this weekend, but the husband and Brandon felt like it was a waste of time to set up the tent and all the garb for a few hours. PLEASE! It only takes a measly 10 minutes to set up. So, were just going to visit other tailgates this week. With an 11:30 game, they are right, we wouldn't have but a couple of house anyhow. Still bummed though.

After the game we heading back to Rogers for a law school reunion get together. The husband went to U of A law school and several of his buddies try and get together every year to catch up. We see most of them on a regular basis, but one in particular lives in the Chicago area, so we don't get to see him as much.

I sense some good times this weekend. Last night I helped my sister with a catering job for some extra cash! They had liquor left over and the owner of the home didn't want it! Guess who stocked up with a little beer and a few boxes of wine? Sounds like we'll be partaking in a few drinks this weekend.
I'm not a huge drinker. I'll have one or two, but I don't drink all that often. I normally serve as the DD.

Man am I talkative today!

So tonight, we'll probably eat at Whataburger and then go to the husbands game and then hit the road for a HOG weekend!

I'll have pictures to post on Monday you can bet on that!

GO HOGS...Beat the Tide!

Oh yeah...the reason I have this blog! Food was good yesterday and I took a DOR!


Anonymous said...

I'm from Conway as well! How funny! I'm training for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon - benefits Soaring Wings Ranch - and it's in Conway on Oct 25th! You should do it - looks like you run a lot now anyways!! In case you want info on it...

Our beginners group runs 7 miles in the morning around Conway and I'm NOT excited! Ha!

Bmac said...

Hey hey yay another Conway girl! I know Shannon above me here on your comments! We are both training for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon! How exciting!

Have fun at the game this weekend! We won't be making the trip there. I will be there in spirit though with my hog gear on at the house!

Sagan said...

Good luck and have fun!

red said...

I heart me some WHATABURGER also. We always move to a place that has no Sonic or WHATABURGER. I tell you the East and West Coast have no idea what they are missing.

Bikini Envy said...

<3 SEC Football Fans....even if it is the wrong team ;)

Oh! And Whataburger! Mmmm! We had them in Florida but I have yet to see one up here in Atlanta...though it's probably for the better.

Good luck with Bama today!