Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bicycle News....

I've been wanting a bike for a while now. Nothing fancy, just something I can ride around for enjoyment. Not necessarily exercising, but just for fun. Maybe to and from my parents which is about 2 miles or so. My sister let me borrow her bike for a while, but the weather changed and so I didn't use it as much. She asked if her step daughter could have it. I told her sure, it belongs to you.

Every Wednesday night TCBY (Yogurt) has waffle cones for $1.27. That is a steal in comparison to the normally $3.00. So, every Wednesday we try and visit this establishment for an ice cream treat. I always go with the Non Fat/Sugar Free selection while the husband loves White Chocolate Mouse. So, we were enjoying our treat last night. I had the points allowed for it, so we went and enjoyed one. It is in a strip mall, so we walked down the sidewalk. This is our normal tradition. As we were walking, we noticed some bicycles at Walmart. We walked over just to look at them when I noticed REDUCED written all over them! So, this intrigued me. I walked inside the store and 20 minutes later, the husband and I were loading in two brand new bikes into my dads van. These are not top of the line bikes by any means, but they'll work for what I want. Even the husband got him one. We bought two bikes for $90.00. That was a steal my friends!

So, last night after we got home and aired up the tires, we went on a tootle around the block. First of all, I ran 8 miles on Monday and then early in the evening yesterday I had done 3 miles. My legs are a little wiped from all the running I'm doing, plus I did some step ups with my ST on Tuesday night. Needless to say, they are a little sore from the extra work. So, we get on the bikes and start riding. We went up a small incline and my legs were BURNING! We didn't ride long, because it was 9:00 at night and I was exhausted.

I'm just thrilled to have a bike again! :)

I was planning on watching the Biggest Loser last night on DVR, but with all the bike excitement, I never got it done. Tonight I'm helping my sister all night and tomorrow we head to Fayetteville for the game. Hopefully I'll get it watched this weekend.

So, all that being said, I'm just thrilled I got a bike. Mine is purple and the husbands blue. Our next purchase will be some padded seats. The ones that are currently on the bikes are a little uncomfortable if you know what I mean!

Yesterday I did excellent with my food and exercise. Our 3 mile run went great, but my friend I think over did it on Monday. Her foot was bothering her a little.

I'll get some pictures of the bikes up soon!

Oh yeah...only 1 more day till the weekend!


Teresa said...

I need to go to Walmart to see if ours has a sale. I have one but My DSS doesn't and we have been talking about riding on some mornings. Thanks for the tip. OH (the ice cream sounded divine)

Jen said...

WOW!! That is a FANTASTIC deal on bikes!!! Congrats!!! I love my bike!!!

Lucas said...

Fun! Can't wait to see the pics!

Liz said...

I just got a bike and I love it!!!

Bmac said...

Hi, I have passed through your blog from others and love reading it! Wanted to stop and say Hi!

I would love to get a bike! My hubby and I have talked about getting some. I need to check out our Walmart!

Oh and one more thing!

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!

Q102Briand said...

Congrats on the new bikes, I just a bike recently too and I love it! I get a great workout out of it and its something dif than the treadmill that I have been using for so long.