Thursday, September 11, 2008

AR/TX Game Postponed!

Arkansas vs. Texas game was postponed. Hurricane Ike looks like it might hit the area plus with all the evacuees, it would be a nightmare. Currently the game is rescheduled for September 27.

Thanks everyone for the awesome words of encouragement yesterday. I am motivated to get these few lbs off no matter what. I again counted them yesterday and tracked every bite that entered my lips.

With my exercise that I do, I will need to eat more than the daily target I have. My current daily target is 22 a day. My plan is to eat 5 of my extras on top of the 22 on exercise days. Meaning on running and ST days (normally that is 5 days a week for me) I will eat around 27 points. On days of rest, I'll bump back down to 22. I think this should work great for me.
Last night I got out my materials and went back over them. I stuck my complete guide and the dining out guide in my bag so I can have it for quick look up.

I've been doing WW since 2000, so for the most part I remember points values for items I eat, however, you never know when I might need to rethink it or look something up.

Last night I did a ST routine again instead of a run. The reason being is when we got home last night it looked as if it my rain any minute. I turned on the weather channel for an update and the state was covered in green. I knew that meant rain was approaching. Of course probably light rain, but regardless I wasn't interested in running in the rain. So, I opted for another upper body ST routine. Man am I sore! I worked out good and hard last night!

I may have a meeting to attend tonight so I may be taking a DOR, if not, it will be a run. The husband has a game tonight so I'll be solo. I'll more than likely run 3-5 miles. May do the long run if I'm feeling it.

Here is my plan for today:
B: Shredded Wheat and Skim Milk:4
L: Sand with (ham, 1 slice of cheese, Sugar Free Bread), Carrot sticks and light sour cream dip, Fiber One Bar:9
D:Tilapia, veggie, small side of brown rice:7
S: Nothing if I don't exercise, if I do, it will be a protein shake probably:2-4

Have a fantastic day!

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Sagan said...

Your dedication is really admirable!

Too bad about that hurricane:S