Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AR vs. ULM 09-06-08

This was the game this weekend.

Brandon sleeping before the game!

Tusk and I....Yikes, not the greatest picture of me.

This would be the husband lookign some what irritated with the HOGS! We sneaked out a win on this one. 28-27.


Dawn said...

HAHA. The look on the husbands face says it all. Hey, it is a "W" no matter how you look at it. People are going to complain either way. I mean you pull out to wins and people still gripe. You just can't make everyone happy.

SuperDave said...

LOL, I love the picture of your husband. At least Arkansas won theirs, my TN lost to UCLA. Uggghhh!

Dawn said...

Oh Jess, the husband looks GOOD with the shaved head and you know it. Ligthen up. HAHA