Tuesday, September 16, 2008

8 miles!

I just love it when I have a good run! Last nights 8 miler was fantastic. My friend Julie and I hit the streets about 6:15 and arrived home about 7:45. I did a 6 miler last week so I jumped up slightly this week. I should of done 7 last week and didn't. So, I was shooting for 8 miles and I got it in. The run went fantastic! I love it when I have a good run!

Tonight will be ST and then Wednesday I'll do another run. This time I'll bump back to a 3 miler.

I commented at PNP this morning that when I have good runs like that I feel like I can tackle almost anything. With my aspirations of running a full marathon next year, that goal seems very attainable. Sure 8 miles is no 26, but it is a big start! After my 1/2 in December I'll begin making my final decision on the full. Right now though I'm about 90% sure I'll do it. This will be my fourth half, so honestly, if I can run four half marathons, I think with proper training I can do the full.
I doubt I ever run a full again, so now is my chance.
Tonight Biggest Loser begins! I am looking forward to that. I will probably do my ST routine tonight during the show. Just gives me more motivation to kick out a good workout.

I also have a WW meeting tonight. I'm excited to tell everyone how well I did last week. I journaled everything. I weighed last Monday and then I weighed this morning. I was down 3.4lbs. I'll take that! Journaling is so key for me. I probably didn't do as good as I should have of, but I did well enough to see the scale move. YIPPEE!

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