Tuesday, September 30, 2008

#1 Goal for Today-Water Only!

I am challenging myself to WATER only today. I normally don't drink much diet drinks but I do like Crystal Lite. I just need to drink WATER only. Plus, I feel like my water intake has been way down the last few months. So each time I drink a glass my goal is to update my blog. So far I've downed 32 ounces and my 20 ounce glass is sitting right next to me. I often times have to play games with myself to get it in. I just feel like my body needs some flushing!
Last night I was lazy. I didn't do anything. I came home, cooked the husband and I some dinner, (First time we've cooked a real meal in a while) and then I rested on the couch the remainder of the evening. I am so worn down. I wanted to do a short run or even a bike ride but I didn't. After dinner my stomach was bothering me but it went away. I could of still gone if I wanted, but I didn't.

Tonight I have a Weight Watcher meeting at 6:00 and then my parents asked me and the husband to dinner. I again will have NO time for exercise. I gotta start making it a priority. I wish I could do early mornings, but I can't. I require too much sleep and when I have to get up at 4:oo am to exercise, I'm a zombie by noon and grouchy the remainder of the day. That's not fair to everyone else.

Yesterday I officially decided I will be doing a full marathon in the spring. I know I've mentioned it, but I was giving myself the opportunity to back out if I wanted. Well, I officially decided I'm in! I need to get registered now while the price is just $60.00.

So, I'm off to drink my next 20 ounces....

I'll be back!


Amy said...

WOo hoo for the full!

Can't wait to read all about your training!

Bikini Envy said...

Oooo! Good luck with the training for the marathon! I can't wait to hear about it.

Shannon said...

I do the Crystal Lite thing too.. BUT today it's juice and H20... I'm hoping not to dehyrdate on my run this evening!

Good luck with the full training - this half training is kicking my tail!

SuperDave said...

Full Marathon!
That deserves a *You Go Girl!*