Tuesday, September 30, 2008

#1 Goal for Today-Water Only!

I am challenging myself to WATER only today. I normally don't drink much diet drinks but I do like Crystal Lite. I just need to drink WATER only. Plus, I feel like my water intake has been way down the last few months. So each time I drink a glass my goal is to update my blog. So far I've downed 32 ounces and my 20 ounce glass is sitting right next to me. I often times have to play games with myself to get it in. I just feel like my body needs some flushing!
Last night I was lazy. I didn't do anything. I came home, cooked the husband and I some dinner, (First time we've cooked a real meal in a while) and then I rested on the couch the remainder of the evening. I am so worn down. I wanted to do a short run or even a bike ride but I didn't. After dinner my stomach was bothering me but it went away. I could of still gone if I wanted, but I didn't.

Tonight I have a Weight Watcher meeting at 6:00 and then my parents asked me and the husband to dinner. I again will have NO time for exercise. I gotta start making it a priority. I wish I could do early mornings, but I can't. I require too much sleep and when I have to get up at 4:oo am to exercise, I'm a zombie by noon and grouchy the remainder of the day. That's not fair to everyone else.

Yesterday I officially decided I will be doing a full marathon in the spring. I know I've mentioned it, but I was giving myself the opportunity to back out if I wanted. Well, I officially decided I'm in! I need to get registered now while the price is just $60.00.

So, I'm off to drink my next 20 ounces....

I'll be back!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home and exhausted!

We got home yesterday around 3:30. I'm tired, but making it.

The game was awful, but we had a good time otherwise. We went down on 6th Street on Saturday night and visited the city a little. It was a short trip, but at least we can now say we visited the Longhorns Stadium.

Me in my hog shirt I made for the game!

The husband and I before the game at lunch! I'm so glad I wore sleeveless because the game was miserably hot!

Friends that went with us. Brandon and Brent.

On our walk up to the game, we posed for a picture with the Capital in the background.

Texas Stadium

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bound for Austin, Texas

We are leaving today for Austin, but not till I finish working, go home, get the car packed, drive to Charleston, AR for the husbands game. As you can see I have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

We are leaving tonight and driving for a while, then staying the night for a few hours, then jumping back in the car for the remaining drive. We hope to get up about 4:00 am for the drive into Austin. This will be a sleepy weekend.

I'm not hopefully for a win, but I am going to support them. You never know what might happen. This is our first time to visit the Longhorns Stadium, so we are excited. I did a new iron on shirt a few weeks back, and my plan is to wear it tomorrow. Will see. I'll get pictures to post don't worry.

My friend heather who blogs is having a baby today! Woohoo for Heather. She's been laboring since Thursday morning early. Hello, today is Friday afternoon. I know she is exhausted! She is having a girl. So sweet.

I am leaving at 2:30 today to start my marathon of a weekend. I hope the drive is easy, I'm kind of dreading it.

Any of my blog readers use Arbonne? If so, what do you think?

I'm off to each lunch...I'm starving today!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update on me!

Busy as a bee! Seriously!

This would be me in my Arkansas Girls Rock Shirt! This is before the game began..notice the smile! I'm cheesin it up!

This weekend I'm bound for TX. Oh my! I'm afraid we are in some serious trouble. I feel another whoopin in our future!
Going to think positive though.

I will bring my camera. We have never been to the Longhorns Stadium, so I will take some pictures even if we do get creamed!

Promise to type more later!

Exciting news...My scale is going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend :(

Yesterday I had to visit our other office all day. It went okay. Our offices are about 3 hours from each other, so I spent 6 hours in the car. UGH! It was a productive day though, so that was good.

Our weekend was crummy! The HOGS lost! They didn't just lose, they got squished!

I have a few pictures, but seeing as it didn't go as good as I wanted, I didn't take all that many.

This weekend we head to TX.

I hope to post more later!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday! Alabama Weekend!

I'm scared and nervous about the weekend! We are playing Alabama. I got an email from a Roll Tide friend yesterday. She was wishing us both good luck! Yikes, I 'm afraid we're in for trouble.
Tonight the husband is refereeing a High School Football game in Hector! Where is Hector? Some where close to Dover. Where is Dover might you be asking? Right near Russellville. Home of the best burgers in town! We are huge Whataburger fans! YUM, YUM! Definitely not in the points values I need to working in, but nonetheless awesome french fries and burgers. This is not your normal ole hamburger chain! They ROCK!
Okay, I'm losing my train of thought here. Back to tonight!

We are leaving for his game this afternoon. He has to meet the "crew" so they can all travel together. Man, you'll get attacked by angry fans when your a referee, so they travel in groups! :) Not sure I ever told this story, but one time he was doing a game at a Christian School. They had to call the cops for an escort! People are nuts!

So, after the game in Hector, we'll head to Rogers.

I wanted to tailgate this weekend, but the husband and Brandon felt like it was a waste of time to set up the tent and all the garb for a few hours. PLEASE! It only takes a measly 10 minutes to set up. So, were just going to visit other tailgates this week. With an 11:30 game, they are right, we wouldn't have but a couple of house anyhow. Still bummed though.

After the game we heading back to Rogers for a law school reunion get together. The husband went to U of A law school and several of his buddies try and get together every year to catch up. We see most of them on a regular basis, but one in particular lives in the Chicago area, so we don't get to see him as much.

I sense some good times this weekend. Last night I helped my sister with a catering job for some extra cash! They had liquor left over and the owner of the home didn't want it! Guess who stocked up with a little beer and a few boxes of wine? Sounds like we'll be partaking in a few drinks this weekend.
I'm not a huge drinker. I'll have one or two, but I don't drink all that often. I normally serve as the DD.

Man am I talkative today!

So tonight, we'll probably eat at Whataburger and then go to the husbands game and then hit the road for a HOG weekend!

I'll have pictures to post on Monday you can bet on that!

GO HOGS...Beat the Tide!

Oh yeah...the reason I have this blog! Food was good yesterday and I took a DOR!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bicycle News....

I've been wanting a bike for a while now. Nothing fancy, just something I can ride around for enjoyment. Not necessarily exercising, but just for fun. Maybe to and from my parents which is about 2 miles or so. My sister let me borrow her bike for a while, but the weather changed and so I didn't use it as much. She asked if her step daughter could have it. I told her sure, it belongs to you.

Every Wednesday night TCBY (Yogurt) has waffle cones for $1.27. That is a steal in comparison to the normally $3.00. So, every Wednesday we try and visit this establishment for an ice cream treat. I always go with the Non Fat/Sugar Free selection while the husband loves White Chocolate Mouse. So, we were enjoying our treat last night. I had the points allowed for it, so we went and enjoyed one. It is in a strip mall, so we walked down the sidewalk. This is our normal tradition. As we were walking, we noticed some bicycles at Walmart. We walked over just to look at them when I noticed REDUCED written all over them! So, this intrigued me. I walked inside the store and 20 minutes later, the husband and I were loading in two brand new bikes into my dads van. These are not top of the line bikes by any means, but they'll work for what I want. Even the husband got him one. We bought two bikes for $90.00. That was a steal my friends!

So, last night after we got home and aired up the tires, we went on a tootle around the block. First of all, I ran 8 miles on Monday and then early in the evening yesterday I had done 3 miles. My legs are a little wiped from all the running I'm doing, plus I did some step ups with my ST on Tuesday night. Needless to say, they are a little sore from the extra work. So, we get on the bikes and start riding. We went up a small incline and my legs were BURNING! We didn't ride long, because it was 9:00 at night and I was exhausted.

I'm just thrilled to have a bike again! :)

I was planning on watching the Biggest Loser last night on DVR, but with all the bike excitement, I never got it done. Tonight I'm helping my sister all night and tomorrow we head to Fayetteville for the game. Hopefully I'll get it watched this weekend.

So, all that being said, I'm just thrilled I got a bike. Mine is purple and the husbands blue. Our next purchase will be some padded seats. The ones that are currently on the bikes are a little uncomfortable if you know what I mean!

Yesterday I did excellent with my food and exercise. Our 3 mile run went great, but my friend I think over did it on Monday. Her foot was bothering her a little.

I'll get some pictures of the bikes up soon!

Oh yeah...only 1 more day till the weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm sleepy this morning!

Last night I worked my WW meeting and then went to my brothers softball game. I've been meaning to attend one for a while now, but time just hasn't allowed it. So, after my meeting the husband and I went to the game!

When we got home I had the Biggest Loser on DVR. It was 9:00 and I wanted to watch, but the husband had purchased Rock Band 2 and he was eager to play it. Plus, I really needed to get a ST in like I promised. SO, at 9:00 I got out my workout and started my ST. It went good. I am tired this morning though. I went to bed later than normal and my muscles are sore!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to update my blog to something a little more original. I thought I might have someone create me one, or I might create myself one. Haven't decided yet, just know I'm working on something.

Tonight I must start packing for the weekend. Tomorrow night I have plans until late so I need to get it going tonight. We are heading to Fayetteville on Friday for the Alabama/Arkansas game. Man, I'm afraid we are going to get hammered! After the game on Saturday, we are hanging out with some of my husbands good friends from Law School. It should be fun! I'll take pictures and post them next week.

Tonight I am running again...just a short one though!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blog under construction

Hang with me...I'm trying new things...you may see changes a comin!

I will still be posting, just trying out some new things!

8 miles!

I just love it when I have a good run! Last nights 8 miler was fantastic. My friend Julie and I hit the streets about 6:15 and arrived home about 7:45. I did a 6 miler last week so I jumped up slightly this week. I should of done 7 last week and didn't. So, I was shooting for 8 miles and I got it in. The run went fantastic! I love it when I have a good run!

Tonight will be ST and then Wednesday I'll do another run. This time I'll bump back to a 3 miler.

I commented at PNP this morning that when I have good runs like that I feel like I can tackle almost anything. With my aspirations of running a full marathon next year, that goal seems very attainable. Sure 8 miles is no 26, but it is a big start! After my 1/2 in December I'll begin making my final decision on the full. Right now though I'm about 90% sure I'll do it. This will be my fourth half, so honestly, if I can run four half marathons, I think with proper training I can do the full.
I doubt I ever run a full again, so now is my chance.
Tonight Biggest Loser begins! I am looking forward to that. I will probably do my ST routine tonight during the show. Just gives me more motivation to kick out a good workout.

I also have a WW meeting tonight. I'm excited to tell everyone how well I did last week. I journaled everything. I weighed last Monday and then I weighed this morning. I was down 3.4lbs. I'll take that! Journaling is so key for me. I probably didn't do as good as I should have of, but I did well enough to see the scale move. YIPPEE!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is here...

The weather this morning was 60 degrees and wonderful. I was wishing this morning I could be an early morning exerciser, but I just can't. With my schedule, the husband and I leave our home at 6:00 am. If I tried to exercise in the morning, I would have to get up at 4:00 am. Another downfall would be exercising in the dark and that makes me nervous.

I love fall though. It is my favorite time of year. I love the changes in the weather and the leaves. I just love the brown and oranges all around. I just love it.
Tonight I must get in my long run. I didn't do it over the weekend. My motivation is suckin lately! I am doing it tonight though. My goal is an 8 miler. I need to get back on track. I can run the 8 miles, it is getting out and doing it that is the hardest!

Eating this weekend was good. I tracked it all, so I was proud of that.

I will weigh myself in the morning. Hopefully I saw some weight loss from last week.

This weekend we are heading to Fayetteville for the Alabama vs. Arkansas game. It is also going to be a law school reunion get together for my husband and his friends. We usually try and get together at least once a year. One guy is driving down from the Chicago area for the get together. Should be a fun time.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am so happy today is Friday! I had another whirlwind of a week.

Our weekend plans consist of nothing! With the cancellation we are home this weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch my nephew at his PeeWee Football game. He is in the 3rd grade and plays quarterback. I'm sure it will be fun!

I just need to run this weekend. I need to do a short and a long run. I can surely get that in. I think I may do a shorter run tonight. Maybe 3-4 miles then on Sunday do 7.

I also officially registered for the St. Jude Half Marathon this morning! I was trying to catch the early bird special. $45 for a half marathon is a steal!

Last night I went to the Arbonne Client Appreciation Night. I use Arbonne products and was invited by a gal that sells the products. They introduced the Holiday Line.

My points and what I ate changed yesterday due to the Arbonne party I attended. I think I still did okay. I need to get it logged in and recorded.

I don't think I mentioned it, but my grandmother isn't doing all that great. A month ago she lifted her suitcase out of her car and when she did she hurt her back. Finally last week she went to have it looked at. She found out she fractured her back in 2 places! She is in mortal pain. My mom is staying with her now to help her, because she can't really do anything for herself right now. Poor MeMe! She is around 80 years old. I was going to go to Shreveport, LA to visit, but I think they are coming here. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from AR. Hopefully she can ride in the car for that long. I think a change of scenery for she and my mom would be good.

I have tons of work to do. I met with our companies Marketing Advisor yesterday and he loaded me down with homework!

Have a great weekend. Stay Dry! I think AR is expecting rain from Hurricane Ike to hit on Sunday. UGH!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

AR/TX Game Postponed!

Arkansas vs. Texas game was postponed. Hurricane Ike looks like it might hit the area plus with all the evacuees, it would be a nightmare. Currently the game is rescheduled for September 27.

Thanks everyone for the awesome words of encouragement yesterday. I am motivated to get these few lbs off no matter what. I again counted them yesterday and tracked every bite that entered my lips.

With my exercise that I do, I will need to eat more than the daily target I have. My current daily target is 22 a day. My plan is to eat 5 of my extras on top of the 22 on exercise days. Meaning on running and ST days (normally that is 5 days a week for me) I will eat around 27 points. On days of rest, I'll bump back down to 22. I think this should work great for me.
Last night I got out my materials and went back over them. I stuck my complete guide and the dining out guide in my bag so I can have it for quick look up.

I've been doing WW since 2000, so for the most part I remember points values for items I eat, however, you never know when I might need to rethink it or look something up.

Last night I did a ST routine again instead of a run. The reason being is when we got home last night it looked as if it my rain any minute. I turned on the weather channel for an update and the state was covered in green. I knew that meant rain was approaching. Of course probably light rain, but regardless I wasn't interested in running in the rain. So, I opted for another upper body ST routine. Man am I sore! I worked out good and hard last night!

I may have a meeting to attend tonight so I may be taking a DOR, if not, it will be a run. The husband has a game tonight so I'll be solo. I'll more than likely run 3-5 miles. May do the long run if I'm feeling it.

Here is my plan for today:
B: Shredded Wheat and Skim Milk:4
L: Sand with (ham, 1 slice of cheese, Sugar Free Bread), Carrot sticks and light sour cream dip, Fiber One Bar:9
D:Tilapia, veggie, small side of brown rice:7
S: Nothing if I don't exercise, if I do, it will be a protein shake probably:2-4

Have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rambling thoughts on the Points System

Last night I worked a WW meeting. For those of you that don't know, I work for WW on the side. I am a trained leader, receptionist, and weigher. I have done my share of all of these responsibilities at one time or another, but currently I just do one meeting. At this meeting I just weigh.
The last few weeks I've really thought hard about quitting. Just because it is a commitment to go each week.

Last night though was somewhat different. I have made friends with several of the members. I've seen them drop some serious weight and gain a new attitude about themselves. I must admit I'm envious! They are working hard and seeing results. I know the program works. I've done it and been in the exact place as these ladies have been.

The last few months haven't been easy for me. I go up and down with my weight. I stopped running then started again. It's just been an up and down cycle for me. This summer has been super hectic at work! I mean to the point of almost stressful at times!

Where I'm getting with this:
I have done calories for a while now and not points. When I was on points back 3 years ago, I lost weight perfectly. Since switching over to cals my exercise has changed and my cals increased slightly. Not that this is bad. I needed the extra cals for fuel. Now that I'm still running and training for another half marathon, I will still need to increase, but this time I'm going back points and the weight watchers system!

With Cals I was doing a big MB (Metabilic Boost) each week. To be honest, they have pros and cons. For me, it is a con. I eat too much and then wind up wanting more. One big meal just pushes me over the edge. Its like I just crave more when I take one little bite. So, I'm thinking about cutting out the MB's each week. With points if I want a cookies, or some french fries I'll count it. Sure, I won't have these all the time or daily, but once or twice a week, I'm gonna indulge!

I am back on counting points. It works for me and I was very successful at it.

I made a promise to several of my gals at WW last night that I was tracking again. Writing everything down that goes in my mouth!
I've tracked the last 2 days and will do so again today as well! Wish me luck!

Last night I did some ST too when I got home. I wanted to workout and even though I would of loved to park my butt in front of the TV, I did a ST routine instead. It felt great when I finished.

Tonight I'll be running again. I'm not sure yet on the mileage. Either 4 or 7 miles. I need to do a long run at some point this week and I'm not sure our weekend plans yet.

Austin is still up in the air. It doesn't look good though. 70 mph wind and heavy rain right at game time! We shall see.

If you are still reading...thanks! I need all the encouragement I can get right now!

Big presentation today....gotta get going!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still busy, but I do see the light at the end of the Tunnel

Still busy with work stuff, but I do see the light.

Last night I got a run in. I was shooting for 6 miles and while I didn't run all 6, I was darn close. I know I got 6 in with the walking I threw in.

I also ate good yesterday. I've been really stressed lately with work and my eating hasn't been the greatest. I was proud of my day yesterday. I opted to do points yesterday for a change. I stuck to my 22. I think in the end I might of had 24 though. I also drank 100 oz of water. I spent the night going to the bathroom 15 times.

We are still up in the air about Austin. With the possibilities of Hurricane Ike who even knows. One positive is about 2 years ago the husband and I bought rain gear for this exact reason. I guess it might get some use.
We are going to Austin for the AR/Texas game. We don't plan on leaving until Friday night though. The husband is doing his referee thing, so it means we travel through the night. UGH!

Off to get some work done!

AR vs. ULM 09-06-08

This was the game this weekend.

Brandon sleeping before the game!

Tusk and I....Yikes, not the greatest picture of me.

This would be the husband lookign some what irritated with the HOGS! We sneaked out a win on this one. 28-27.

AR vs. Western IL 08-30-08

Here are some pictures from game #1 on August 30. Yes, I'm behind, I know.

Here is the new HOG on the field.

Guys hanging out before the game! Erron, Brandon, and the husband. As you an tell the husband is shaving his head now....Not a huge fan!

Inside the stadium!

Hogs won! 28-24!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Work is so busy and time to blog is limited!

I do have game pictures from the last two weeks, but I haven't had a few minutes to download them yet.

We did win both games, but just by a smidge.

This week is insane for me and on Friday night I'm heading to Austin.

Will try and post some pictures this afternoon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Day....

I have a hectic busy day today and I forgot my camera.

So, I'll have to post pictures of the game tomorrow.

It wasn't a great game. We sneaked by with a win, but it was down to the wire, thats for sure!