Monday, August 18, 2008

A+ Weekend!

We had a great trip to Nashville. The competition was awesome. It is amazing all that goes into preparing for such a thing. All three of the competitors did great and looked awesome.

If anything, I want to work hard and see if I can't strive for a little pop in my shoulders or maybe even some nice cut arms. I don't see competing in my future, but I would love to look even half as good as some of those gals did.

We had a blast though, we were on the go from Friday AM until Saturday PM. Saturday we headed out for fun at a local bar in Nashville called McFaddens. It was a blast. We danced and had a grand time.

I did awesome with my eating. I ate accordingly and drank my water. I packed my cooler for the weekend and I pretty much stuck to it. We did eat out often, but I selected healthy options cooked dry or plain so I could keep it as clean as possible.

While in Nashville, I stayed with my trainer and she let me try a new protein powder. AWESOME. I'll be ordering this! So yummy! By far a fav. I was getting tired of my Matrix orange cream so this is a nice change. I'll be ordering this as soon as I can.

I also had a chance to discuss my food issues with my trainer. She gave me some great tips and suggestions, so that was good! Tonight I'll head to the grocery for food so I can prep up for the week.

WE got in last night around dinner time, so I ate dinner, unpacked and fell asleep at 7:30. I was TIRED!

I had a fantastic weekend!


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