Thursday, August 7, 2008

Still busy with work. I know I've said this before, but when I took this job in 2005, I spent most of my summer begging for work. Now I can hardly stay above water.

Today is Thursday which means planning for the weekend begins today. The husband and I have plans to hit up some of the hog football practices this weekend. Probably most of the day on Saturday. Then Sunday it will be back to church. We haven't been the greatest at going to church like we should. In fact, we've been slackers. I will more than likely hit the pool on Sunday and then also do some cleaning of the house. I have America's Got Talent on my DVR and I need to go watch it.

Last night we watched the HBO special Hard Knocks on the Dallas Cowboys. We watched it last year on Kansas City and thought it was very interesting. This year though it is even better. One of our former Hog Running Backs Felix Jones is playing for the Cowboys this year so that was fun to see him on the show. It is only a 4 week program, so it won't last long.

My food is going good. Still on track for the month of August. In fact, after today it will be 7 days! I've actually been on track longer than that, but since we started this challenge on August I'm tracking from that point on.

Tonight I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted. I'm going to go for a slightly different cut. More of a wedge cut than usual.

Almost the weekend....


Jenn said...

I know how it feels to be swamped - sometimes its nice and other times, not so much.
We've been slacking on church too since the wedding, its hard to make it a priority in the summer time.
Good job staying on track for this month!! You are awesome!
Make sure to post a pic of your new hair!! I love going to the salon - enjoy yourself!

Lucas said...

Love the new look of the blog Jess. Fun!