Friday, August 22, 2008

Scale won't budge....

On July 28, I started really watching my food and exercising. I have since lost about 6 lbs, but for the last 2 weeks NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH! I have weighed the exact same for literally the last week or so. I can't seem to shake these few lbs. In fact, I'm still up about 3-4 lbs from my normal weight of 150 lbs. Frustration is about to set in. I am literally busting tale. Eating is spot on, and exercise is beyond good. I'm lifting 2 days a week followed by running 2-3 days a week followed by a good power walk as well! I am also drinking at least 100 oz of water daily. I'm just not sure what my problem is. I am eating roughly 1500 cals a day. All clean foods might I add. I will tell you my stomach is NOT bloated and looks much smaller than it did 1 month ago, but the scale just has me staying the same! :(

Am I discouraged? Slightly, but I won't let it rule me. I'll just keep plugging along and see if maybe my body just needs a few weeks to adjust.

Weekend Plans:
Today: The husband has a trial, so I'm probably working a full day today. We commute together and so we don't want to waste gas, so we opted to drive in together. His trial is 2 hours away, so I'll probably work much longer today than I normally do on Fridays! Boo.....I was also here at 6:15 am this morning! That sucks! This afternoon we are headed out to find my MIL a gift. She is not easy to buy for. Wish us luck.

Saturday: Off to my inlaws for a birthday celebration. We are celebrating her birthday and my fathers also. We are having BBQ. My plan is to eat the meat only and some fruit. She always has tons of fruit from a local market, so that shouldn't screw me up. However, I'll drink plenty of water to off set the massive amounts of sodium I'll consume from the BBQ! Ugh!

Sunday: Food Prep! I have a few new recipes in the works this week. If they are worth sharing I'll do so. One is a flank steak and the other is a burger recipe. Surely they'll be good. So, Sunday I'll prep up my lunches for the week. On Sunday afternoon we are having a party at my sisters and each of us was asked to bring a side dish/appetizer. I am bringing that Pizza Dip recipe that I posted back around July 4th. It was a hit at our cookout, so I'm bringing that again. I am saving this meal as a MB. I know they will have tons of goodies, so I want to indulge a little without going overboard. I haven't had a full blown out cheat for almost a month! Maybe another reason my scale is all goofy. Will see!

I do need to run one more time over the next 3 days. Not sure which day I'll do it, but that is a definite plan on my agenda!

Yesterday I was called in to the VP's office. Yikes, I was slightly frightened about what that was all about but it turned out good.
I asked during my last review for more advancement, more responsibility hoping that would in turn lead to more $$$. (Been with the company 3 years and ready for a few changes)
Yesterday I was asked to take on more of the marketing in our office. I am currently the Marketing Coordinator/Public Relations person so that just means I will get to start meeting with our companies Marketing Consultant that we use. You are probably wondering why I haven't been doing this already? Who knows, I wondered that myself for the last 3 years.
I told the VP that I would be more than happy to meet with him, but that I had asked for more of an advancement and that I hoped this would be it. Or at least a transition. He agreed and told me that he thought this would be a great step. We shall see. I'm not holding my breath or anything.

Happy Weekend!

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mamachristina said...

Those last few pounds will come off, but in the mean time you look great!