Monday, August 4, 2008

Record Heat in Arkansas

It is miserable in AR right now. Temps are 100+ degrees. In fact, I hear we are suppose to see record highs this week. So miserable.

We got our AC fixed. We had to pay extra for a weekend call, but it was worth it. It was a minor thing thank goodness. It took until Sunday afternoon to get out house back to normal.

Saturday night we went to a baseball game and just about died. It was 90 degrees at 10:00 at night and the humidity was insane. I was miserable then too!

Our weekend was good otherwise. We mainly stayed around our house or my parents. Yesterday I went to the pool for about an hour, but the water was like taking a bath, so we didn't stay all that long.

Yesterday I also got some food prep accomplished. I didn't get all week done, but the only thing I need to work on is my lunch for 3 days. Otherwise it is all done.
I did good this weekend with eating. The AC being out sort of derailed my plans, but I still ate reasonably and pretty clean foods at that. I didn't really do a MB boost. I guess a small one, because I did indulge in a tiny piece of chocolate cake with a little icing. Otherwise that was all.

I am trying to go small on the MB so I can indulge in a big one in a few weeks.

Projects are due so I need to run.

I'm sleepy.


Cammy said...

It's hot here in Memphis, too. I walked outside at 6 a.m. yesterday and I was still a soggy mess by the second mile. Here's hoping for the promised relief Thursday.

Three Hotties Trapped in Fat Bodies said...

I was about to post that is really hot here in Memphis as well but Cammy beat me to it. It is so hot that my poor dog burned his paws on the concrete at my sister-in-laws pool. He just kept running around the pool while the kids were in it and that night he was limping, poor thing. Glad your air was something small ours went out about 3wks ago and had to buy a new unit to the tune of almost $2,000. yuck but when it is this hot I would have paid double, don't tell my air guy though. :) Glad program is going well for you. I am trying to get back on.

Sara said...

shitters about the weather. That totally sucks. We have been fairly lucky (knock on wood) this summer with the temps but it just rains everyday.

Sagan Morrow said...

Good lord thats hot! Hope it cools off a little.