Monday, August 11, 2008

Mondays what a drag

Ugh, Monday is here! Oh well, I had a good weekend. I slept more than I have in MONTHS. It was wonderful. I actually feel really well rested. I love it!

Thanks for all the comments on the hair. I have had this cut now for 4 or 5 years. It is by far the cut for me. I get compliments all the time on it, so it will be probably be around for the majority of my life.
I also love the blond streaks. If it were up to the husband I would be a blond. However my hair is entirely too dark to go complete blond, so these highlights will have to do. Plus blond would be way expensive.....I would have to go every 4 weeks or so. No thanks!

As for the Chi...I tried my hardest to bid one on Ebay, but they were going for more than I wanted to spend. I hope I'm not sorry, but I bought one that is made by CHI. It is hot pink and I found it on Amazon. It isn't a CHI, but it is made by them. I think it will work good. One day I'll spring for the real thing. I do agree with several of my commenter's. GO for the more expensive will last longer and will be worth the extra $$. I think what I got will be perfect.
Will keep you posted. It is to arrive this week.

Last night we celebrated my dad's 61st birthday with steak. Oh my, it was so wonderful. It was beef tenderloin to be exact. It was melt in your mouth awesome. I highly enjoyed it.

This weekend we went to practice...our offense looks great, but our defense..well lets just say we hope our offense scores lots of points!

I have an interview today with work. Not for me a job, but for our company to get a job. It is at 11:45 so I need to go finish it up and make sure they are pleased with it. Plus let them go over it once. I work for engineers so it's monotone for 30 minutes...I'll be fighting to stay engaged I'm sure. BORING!

This weekend I'm heading to Nashville....more to follow on that!

Oh one last thing...I got to see Dawn and she is looking so good! She is doing so great with food and exercise and it is paying off with the results! So glad I got to visit with her for a few minutes.


Jenn said...

Good luck today!!

Please let us know how the new straightener turns out. I'm in the market for a new one, but don't want to spend the money on a Chi - but I don't straighten every day, I usually curl the ends, so I guess we are in a different boat.

Steak sounds good - I haven't had one in ages...

JAllen627 said...

Hey - Cleaning out my inbox, found Dawn's blog, then found yours!
I see I'm a little late on the straightener thoughts, but it really depends on your hair type. Mine gets curly and frizzy if I don't straighten, so a CHI is the only way to go. It broke a couple months back (short in the cord), so I sent it in for repair. I bought a temp one from WalMart - I believe it's an "Andis" - that is the closest I have ever found to a CHI.

SuperDave said...

Hi Jessica! Ran across your blog.
Like the title. You got the hot part down, now you need the mom part. LOL! Good luck on the weight loss.
Razorback country huh?
I only bleed orange. Go Vols. hehehe..