Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heading to Nashville....

I am heading to Nashville tomorrow for a competition. Three of my PNP friends are competing in a body building competition and we are going to cheer them on.

I am leaving in the morning and will not return until Sunday afternoon. It will be a crazy hectic weekend.

I'm a slight bit nervous because:

  • I haven't seen my trainer since April, and since then I've gained about 5 lbs. I don't think I look all that great and that ticks me off. It's my own fault, but I just wish I wouldn't of stopped running. I think it sort of caused a slight weight gain for me, plus vacation, plus a few eating experiences that I don't need to bring up, etc..etc....I just hope my favorite pair of jeans fits....I'm scared to try them on. UGH!

  • I am also slightly nervous because my A game is on and I don't want to ruin it. I'm eating pretty good and exercising. The food is what scares me the most. Tonight I will ST and tomorrow I will run before leaving. So technically my workouts are in. The food is what scares me. I am bring along my own food and snacks, but I've already been told we are going out to dinners/breakfast/the bar! I'm not a huge drinker so that won't cause too much damage, but I will want to indulge once. What do I select? I still don't know!

I Just want to go and have a good time.

Several months ago, my SIL gave me some of these Avon Instant Manicure strips. I tried them and LOVED them. Avon makes them, but have recently discontinued them. UGH! So, anyhow, I called her on Monday and asked her how I could get some. Ebay or something? I was going to ask her what she did etc. I had to leave her a message. She never called me back. Oh well, I got over it. Then yesterday I get home and she sent me 6 of them! 6! I was so excited. I immediately called her and thanked her over and over again. Again, had to leave message. Oh well! At least I tried! I am so excited though. I love them! They look great on my nails and they aren't fake or bad for them etc.
Anybody sale AVON and have a few laying around? SO tonight, I gotta do my nails! I'll try and take pictures.

Also, today is MIL's birthday. I'm not certain how old she is turning maybe 76 or so? She and FIL are slightly older than my parents. Here is MIL with my husband! picture I had at work of her! This is she and the husband at his 32nd birthday, which was 2 years ago almost!
She makes the best birthday cakes and icing! YUM!

We are going down next weekend to celebrate her birthday and my dads. They live about an hour and a half from us.

Wish me luck this weekend...I need to pray those jeans fit! :)


Dawn said...

Enjoy yourself Jess it is going to be great!! You will do fine with the food since you are there with all of them. Just plan for your splurge on Saturday night and that is it. No other splurges.

Happy birthday to your MIL. Glad you get to go there next weekend. Man, you traveling every weekend starts NOW!!!

Sagan said...

Good luck and have a wonderful time! It'll be great.

Lucas said...

Alcohol is hard. If I were you, I'd stay away from beer and drinks with sugary mixers. Maybe a glass of red wine would be a good choice? See if they offer any without sulfates. Or something clean and simple like a vodka tonic with fruit wedges.

Have a great trip!!