Friday, August 8, 2008

Haircut, blog, weekend plans

I got my haircut/HL last night. It is cute. I had her do me one streak at the front of my hair that is thicker. I like it. Next time I may do another one farther back. We shall see.
Here are some pictures:

I am also wearing my favorite lip liner and gloss...Arbonne! It is Kola lip liner and Bare lip gloss! I love it. So neutral and perfect for me. I can darken it or lighten it, whichever I want. LOVE that.

I had her do me longer in the front and shorter in the back this time. Pretty much my usual cut just a few slight changes.

You will notice a slight change in my blog. I'm trying something new. I really want to design something and I've been working on it in my spare time. I may still switch over to wordpress. I still haven't decided yet.

Oh, I'm in need of a good flat iron, but I don't want to pay for Chi...Anyone got any good ideas?

Weekend plans: I need to grocery shop today and then prep up some food for next week. Saturday we are going to see the HOGS practice and then on Sunday we are doing the church thing and then my dads birthday party. His birthday is actually the 13th, but we are celebrating on Sunday so everyone can attend.

Have a good weekend!


Dawn said...

LOVE YOUR HAIR!! Jess, it looks really good. It looks a lot blonder too. SEXY JESS!!

I like your new blog template. Very cute.

OH I SO CAN'T WAIT to see you on Saturday. Have a safe trip.

Jenn said...

Aww, you look so pretty!!!!
Have a great weekend!

Sagan said...

The new template is pretty cute- and I love your hair! It looks so sassy.

I think with flat irons if you want a good quality one you have to be willing to spend a bit of money. I've used a cheap flatiron and it was terrible, so I splurged on one from the salon and its like a dream.

The Lewis's said...

Love the hair Jess!!

The new template is very cute!

Have fun at the Hog practice!

Jen said...

Your hair looks great!!!

Hm, on the flat iron issue...I agree with Sagan, cheap flatiron = cheap results. I bought a CHI almost 4 years ago and it still works like a dream...a cheaper (but still good option) is the HAI...but I can't remember what they range for now...
have you checked ebay???

Alli said...

Cute cute cute!!!

Big Girl said...

Cute haircut! I love it.

Have a great weekend!

Phoenixrising said...

Love the hair, love the new blog look (I have a wordpress blog too! My family one is wordpress!) and the lipshtuff is awesome! I'm due for a new lip look soon... I'm bored with all my cosmetics, time for a makeup bag makeover! have a great weekend!

~Les said...

Yah, SUCH a cute cut on you. I have been wearing a graduated bob for almost 2 years and am now growing it out, but EVERY TIME I see someone with it, I think it's just the cutest, most flattering cut! I so wish I could do blonde in my hair, but it just washes me out terribly. I love the cut and color on you!

Girl, I think you should spring for the Chi. They do limited edition versions near the holidays that are cheaper because they use purple or blue casings instead of the charcoal color--same product, different package, basically. Or check e-bay. I have 2 CHI irons (different sizes), both of them are over 3 years old and they still work like the first day I got them. Another great iron is the GHD, but those are unfortunately even more pricey than the Chi. The expense is WORTH IT, sister, even though I know it's very, very difficult to plunk down that kind of cash.


mamachristina said...

I think your hair always looks cute! And I love that you talk about preperation to eat the right things. People think it's just magicaly going to appear in they're pantry or something. It takes work to get healthy and some don't get a clue. I do like the new template.

jack usa said...

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