Friday, August 1, 2008

Give it up for me!

Update on challenges:
  • Lunch out-A+.
    I went to lunch with my dad and sister. We actually went at 11 instead, so I brought my snack along with me. It was 1 1/2 rice cakes with splenda, cinnamon and a few almonds. I ate that while they at lunch. I even drank 3 glasses of water. We mostly chit chatted so that helped me also. One positive was the food didn't even look good! WOOT, WOOT. I did great!
  • Night at the Ball Park-A.
    I'm giving myself an A on this one too, I did great. I ate my dinner before I went. Then while at the ball park I munched on a little fruit and a few peanuts. Not tons, just a small portion of both. I also drank 1 diet coke and 2 bottled waters. Again, I did great! WOOT, WOOT!

Today will be planning day. I worked briefly yesterday, but I need to finish up my plan for the weekend and my plan for next week. I did lose a total of 4.4 lbs. My scale was the same this morning as it was yesterday. I am FINE with that. Seeing as I had a DOR with all my activities yesterday.

The only downer on following the menus was I didn't have enough variety, so I'm going to change that this next week and eat some different items. That should help.

Overall, I am pumped about my week on plan. I will indulge in some sort of Metabolic Boost or cheat at some point this weekend, but I am going to make it a small one. I'm saving up for a BIG one the weekend of August 16. I am heading to Nashville, TN to see my trainer and two other friends compete in a Figure Competition. I can't wait.

I am also going to lead a challenge over at PNP for the next month. It is called the Staying on Track for 31 Days Challenge. It begins today! In fact, I'm challenging any of my blog friends to take the challenge on with me. Basically it is just being consistent with your eating plan and exercise. Very simple!

Weekend plans:
Friends are coming over tonight to play Rock Band. This is a friend of my husbands. He and his wife got married about a year ago. I just met her for the first time last night. She seems really nice and friendly. So, they are coming over tonight, then on Saturday we are going back to the ball park and on Sunday it will be all about food prep. Gotta get my week off right.

Have a good weekend!


Dawn said...

Great job Jess. I am so proud of you cruising through your events yesterday with no problems.

Sagan Morrow said...

Great job! Enjoy your weekend socializing.

Phoenixrising said...

YAY for a great day! I'm facing an event this weekend, Comedy Club birthday party... comes WITH dinner... UGH, I'm worried about how to calculate points for a meal I didn't make... this will be my first dinner out on WW, but I'm gonna try to watch how much, write it all down, and figure it out when I get home! LOL!

So... Rock Band... never tried that, but is it fun?

Amy said...

Woo hoo! You totally rocked yesterday Jess... :)

Enjoy your weekend.

PS- I'm up for your 31 day challenge!

Linda said...

I feel silly asking but what is pnp and how can I participate I need a boost and that sounds like just the one I need. Congrats on the weight loss and sticking to program.