Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Endurance Training, here I come!

Last night I started a new round of workouts that my trainer put together for us. It is basically three days running and 2 days upper body strength training.

I'm back in training mode. Last night I did a run! I ran 3 miles. Proud of that because the humidity was sticky and H-O-T. The temps outside were low 80's, but the humidity was insane. I was soaked when I finished the run.

I know I mentioned this before, but with all my half marathons (3) to be exact, I have used the Jeff Galloway method of 4:1. It works for me. I ran my best time of 2:12 using that method and I'm darn proud of it. I am tall so I make semi good strides, so that is in my favor also. As of now though, I'm just running for fun. I just want to enjoy it. I ran one of my halfs with friends and it was by far my most favorite of all and the best part was I wasn't even fatigued when I finished. It was awesome! I loved that race. It was the Hogeye by the way for those interested.

So last night I was back to my 4 minutes running, 1 min walking. It was a great run. I had to give myself a small pep talk on the last run just because I was exhausted from the heat. I did it though.

Food is going good also. I'm still on track for my 31 days in August. In fact, I am on day 12. I am close to halfway through this month. Unbelievable!

So all that being said, I'm back in running mode. My plan is to run the Memphis St. Jude Half Marathon on December 6. Then I'll gear up and begin my marathon training, that is if I'm still in good shape and no injuries.
The Little Rock Marathon is scheduled for: Sunday March 15
As of now, I'm planning on doing it with my friend Dawn!

So, I have two big things on the horizon! More details as my training continues!


Jen said...

Ah, that run sounds awful in the humidity! That just makes it THAT much more awesome that you did it!!!

You have some amazing goals girl!

Sara said...

wow 2:12 is an amazing time and definitely one to be proud of!! I've always run 10:1's and definitely did not run that fast in my 2 halfs!!

Happy Training!

Sagan said...

Fantastic! With the 4:1 thing, do you find that it keeps you going for longer? Sometimes when I'm out walking I'll break into a jog for just 30 seconds or something several times on my walk and it seems to energize me. Your method would be great for a beginner runner too; if I ever get back into running I think I'll have to try that!

Lucas said...

Oh, I'm excited to see how your training goes! I'm inspired by anyone who does half or full marathons. To me, that is so amazing.

Alli said...

You are such a rockstar! Humidity sucks.