Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Checkin them off....

  • Exercise-Check
    I did a new routine. It was GIANT sets of different arm workouts. My trainer put it together for me to do twice weekly. I'll then run the other days. SO last night was my first ST workout. Let me tell you I was huffin and puffin during that one. I was workin it!
  • Food-Check
    Food is still a battle for me. I am doing what I can, but I'm not doing all that great. I am working with Corinne's menus sort of picking and choosing healthy items, but like yesterday for instance I ate two protein bars. Not the wisest choice. Don't get me wrong, I am eating the food, but I feel like I may be eating too many carbs, etc.
Last night I worked a WW meeting, then exercised, showered, and then basically fell on the couch and died. I was exhausted. I turned on the Olympics and watched the Men's volleyball and then was fighting sleep. I turned in about 9:30. I watched a little of the swimming. Enough to see Phelps win another Gold medal. He won another one later on too. That guy is supper quick.

Tonight I have some things I need to do around the house. I also have a run on my agenda for this evening. I hope the weather is nice again. It has been wonderful here the last few days.

Today is my dad's birthday! He is 61 today! Ahh! Here is a picture of my dad and I:

This was us on this birthday last year. He has lost probably 30 more lbs since this picture was taken. This was the best picture I have of him.

Let me show you a before though:

He has lost a total of DRUM ROLL....100 lbs! Rock on Dad!

Happy Birthday!


Dawn said...

WOW Jess!! Look at your Dad!! What a great accomplishment. That took some major dedication. WOOT WOOT Jess's Dad!!!

Jen said...

WOOOOO Your dad is a rockstar!!!! that is fantastic!!!!