Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just a few more sleeps...

Until my vacation! I know all of you are ready for me to go, so I'll quit talking about it. I just can't help it. I'm just beside myself with joy that my beach vacation is almost here.

The husband and I are going with my sister, her husband and the nephew. So, five of us are making the trip to FL. We are taking her suburban so we can have lots of room. Yesterday my BIL asked if we were interested in leaving on Friday? We told him possibly. Looks like we may leave earlier than originally planned.

I took Friday off of work not only to finish up stuff for my trip, but I am also filming that TV pilot that day. I am so wishing I would of postponed that. I feel like it is just looming over me. I'm in vacation mode and that has me stressed out. Because of my Radio/TV background I know what it takes to film a 30 minute spot. It isn't a piece of cake. You shoot for hours trying to get the best run at it. I know that being this is our first show, it could take the entire day. I refuse to half do something, I'm not going to be made to look like a fool.
So, as of now the production gal has yet to tell me what time we are filming. Sometime that afternoon is all I get. Afternoon? Looks like I may be filming into the evening. Who in this world wants to film on a Friday afternoon? I would prefer not to do so, but I'm afraid I don't have a choice. So, that may interfere with our leaving on Friday plans.

Yesterday I also went by to pick out some clothing for the shoot. First of all, the company that was selected was not my choice. All they carry is sleeveless short mini dresses. These are adorable, and for the right occasion I am all about it. However, for a TV cooking program, I'm not so sure. So, I had to pick out a few options. The plan was to pick 3 out, and carry them with me for the shoot on Friday. After I finished trying some on, I was told that I couldn't take them with me and that I would need to send my producer up to finalize an outfit and that it wouldn't be ready for me to have until Friday morning. I am fine by this, I just wish I was told of this ahead of time. I wouldn't of made it a point to go early in the week, etc. One thing that had me puzzled was the lady acted as if I was trying to pull one over on her. Yep, you know me, I was going to steal those clothes!

Last night I did a good power walk with the husband. It was H-O-T! We went at 6:30 and the temp was around 90 degrees....It was a good 45 minute workout, because I was drenched.

I got home in enough time to watch the Bachelorette on DVR. I gave it enough time that I could fast forward commercials. I love that feature. Anyhow, I was a little surprised at who she selected, but it was obvious she was smitten with him. I hope they ask that guy that got rejected to come back on the show as the Bachelor. He seemed like such a great guy.

Tonight is a WW meeting, then home to exercise and a little more organization for my trip. I was going to do that last night, but I never got around to it.

Today I have on a cute shirt I bought this weekend. I bought it for a chump change....$4.97 to be exact. You can't buy lunch for that! It is too cute, I love it.


Dawn said...

Oh Jess, the countdown. It is almost here, your fabulous beach vacation. Whew, what a great bargain you found on that shirt. Good find!!! Have a great Tuesday. Friday is almost here.

Jen said...

I guess shoots aren't as glamorous as they seem hey??? The "after" is so nice, but I never used to appreciate all the hard work that goes into it!

I am excited for you for your vacation!!!! then I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back!!!

Juli said...

Hi...It sounds like you are going to have a fun vacation and much needed!!!! I will keep you up to date on the sprint tri. Also, to answer your question about Idaho. Aaron was transferred up here w/ his job at Fastenal. We hope to be moving down south in the next 3yrs to be closer to everyone.
Have a GREAT trip!!!

Jenn said...

Wow - sounds like you have a lot on your plate before vacation! I hope you can get through it all ok. I can't imagine working hard on anything on a Friday afternoon. Good luck!!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Hurray, countdowns! Enjoy all the planning and packing.

Alli said...

The last few days before a vacation are the worst girl hang in there... I want to see pics of what you have to wear on Friday!!! Post post post!!!