Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy that Monday is finally here...

Odd statement I know, but this was by far the longest weekend ever. I guess because I'm just so looking forward to this weekend, that I didn't ever think Monday would get here!

The husband and I had a great weekend. Friday we did some work around the house. We got out and exercised first thing that morning. We did HIIT again. Then that afternoon we did a little shopping and then went to a July 4th Celebration at my sisters in laws house. I did the pizza dip and it was a HIT! Seriously, it was wonderful. I did mine in the oven vs the microwave and the only thing I'll change is I let it stay in the oven a little long. I wanted it to stay warm seeing as that is how it is best. I let is cook a little long in that the cheese had hardened slightly in the dip. It still tasted awesome, but next time I'll serve immediately.
I did pita chips with it and it was really good. It seriously did taste like pizza. My dad is on the no carb diet, so he ate it. He LOVED it! In fact, he said it was the best thing at the party...Ahhh how sweet! Of course he ate it minus the chips...he is so dedicated!

Then on Saturday we went to the inlaws. I told MIL I was looking for a swimsuit for Destin, so she and I headed out to the mall and other various shops. I never found anything, but she did hook the husband and I up. She bought the husband a swimsuit and a pair of shorts and she bought me the most ADORABLE hog flip flops. I already have one pair that I bought several years ago and they are looking a tad on the worn out side, so she bought me a new pair. These are slightly different. I'll have to post a picture of them at a later time. They are just too adorable.

Then on Sunday we did the pool for a little while. A storm was trying to brew, so they made everyone get out of the pool. Again, DH and I got out and did HIIT and we both lifted some. I worked arms yesterday. I am also still going along with my push ups and ab exercises each day.

This week is crazy for me. I have something every night this week. Then, I'm also trying to get ready for vacation. I think tonight I'm going to try and start packing because each night this week I'm booked solid. Yesterday I tried to start gathering a few things up and try to organize somethings for the trip.

Overall, we had a great 4th weekend, but I'm glad that Monday is here...I'm anxious to get the week going so it will go by fast.

Happy Monday!


Alli said...

Girl you iz craaaaazy ABOUT the monday thing =).
Glad you had a good weekend. I think now you need to come and do my work though since you are so excited about it being monday =)

Sagan Morrow said...

Glad your weekend went so well! And its so refreshing to hear someone welcoming a Monday.

Big Girl said...

I love the positive attitute but, there is something so wrong with the statement "Happy that Monday is Finally here." I'll be happy when Friday is finally here.

Jenn said...

I know what you mean about wanting Monday to come - thats how I felt this weekend!
I just wanted life to return to normal, and that meant going to work today.

I'm glad you had a good weekend!
Pizza dip sounds super yummy.

Sara said...

crazy weekend and crazy happiness about this whole monday thing!!