Thursday, July 31, 2008

Challenging Thursday!

So, I have two challenges today:
  • Our company has invited us to a Night at the Ball Park. Food and beverages are provided, however, I 've packed my cooler so I don't plan on eating ANYTHING...You heard me ANYTHING! I'm posting this here because I want to be able to come back here tomorrow and tell you I succeeded. I have my cooler packed and ready for my entire day! I can do this. I'll be drinking water during dinner.
  • My sister called me yesterday and asked if I could go to lunch with she and my dad. Great! I told her I would LOVE to come for the conversation, but that I would just be drinking my water. She understood. So, again, I will either eat before I go, or eat when I return. We are going at 11:30, so I may eat before I go. If my belly is full I'll be less tempted by the food. We are also going to a cafeteria type of place, so I should be able to resist anything. I'll be drinking water during lunch!

So, that is my day today! Like I said I am prepared. I can accomplish this.

Last night I got in a run! HELLO, I am back in running mode. I did 3:2 instead of 4:1 for 20 minutes, then I ran continuously for 6 minutes for a total of 26 minutes. This is a small start, but it was more than I've done since my last 1/2 marathon. WOOHOO!

As for food...still working it!

Today is already a busy day. I have tons of work to accomplish.

By the way, I'm thinking about possibly moving my blog. I've been doing some research on wordpress. Anyone got any feedback? Thanks


Dawn said...

WOO HOO!! Jess the jack rabbit is back in business. Great job on the run. I bet you were a sweaty mess in all of that humidity. Sounds like you have a plan and your mind made up about lunch and the baseball game tonight. You will do it.

Sara said...

wow that is amazing of you to be so planned facing those challenges and for the run!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Great job on the run! And have loads of fun at the ballpark; good luck!

Amy said...

You did 4:1's all the time? I didn't know that about you! Even on your crazy long runs? You must run/walk pretty quick girl... cause your half times are amazing!

I'm a 10:1 girl myself.

I'm back in running mode too. Feels great eh?

Teresa said...

Girl, you have so much control. I like the cooler idea. I never thought about packing food for the whole day. I'm putting back on my running shoes. On the treadmill, this humidity is awful. Keep it up, your just melting away.

Cammy said...

Now see, I'm thinking of attending our company's family night at the ballpark just so that I can have the free hot dog. :)

Glad you're running again!