Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost the long weekend...

Good Morning. Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more days in this work week. Woohoo for long weekends and holidays.

Last night my meeting about the pilot tv program went great. We are planning on shooting our first episode on July 11. I'm excited and nervous about it. I told her I needed some clothing, so hopefully she will work a deal with a local dress shop to let me wear some of the clothing for the shoot.
We met at starbucks last night. I got an iced tea and it was delicious. It was called Berry Blossom White. I just had her make me hot tea and then I poured ice over it with a little sweet-n-low. Very nice treat. I enjoyed it. Of course the cookies, muffins, and cake behind the glass counter looked good, but I was very happy with my tea.

Food is going great for me. I've really stuck to a plan. I did exercise on Monday, but last night due to 2 meetings I just couldn't fit it in.

Tonight is ST and Cardio.

This weekend we plan on going to a July 4th party on Friday and then my inlaws on Saturday. We need to go and visit them. They are much older than my parents. FIL is 85 and MIL is 78..something like that. Not that this is old, but my parents are early 60's, so it is a slight difference. We will probably also visit our favorite BBQ place. It is famous here in our parts. Then on Sunday I may lounge by the pool. My sisters birthday is on the 5th, so I'm sure we will celebrate that on Sunday at my parents house. She was the one I posted earlier this week. I think she will be 36 on her birthday. Yikes, that is getting close to 40!

I also have a few items I need to pick up for my beach vacation, so I'll do that sometime this weekend also. I thought I might run by Old Navy and pick up a few pairs of cheap flip flops. I love my Havaianas flip flops. I have a black and brown pair, but I need some cheaper ones to carry down on the beach. I think Old Navy has them for $2.50 a pair. Dirt Cheap in my opinion.
Yesterday I tried to go over and purchase a cute beach bag and have my name embroidered on in it. I told her that I didn't need it until July 11, but she told me that the soonest it could be ready was July 12. Why couldn't they of bumped it by 1 day? So, I couldn't get it. I was slightly irritated by that. That just stinks! The bad part is they lost my business because they couldn't have it ready. I feel like a week and a half is plenty of opportunity to get it done too. By all means all they are doing is adding on a name to an already done up bag? Oh well, I thought I might call them today and tell them I would even pick it up late on Friday the 11th if they would let me. I'm probably trying to beat a dead horse, but I really wanted that bag. I should just give up shouldn't I?

Off to work on our quarterly newsletter...I need to get it out before I leave on vacation.


Jen said...

wow it sounds like you are in for some exciting times right away!!!!

Hm, tough call on the bag, I agree, if they weren't willing to give you ONE day they MIGHT not be worth it...but on the same note, I get my heart set on stuff and if I really want it, LOOKOUT!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Starbucks iced teas!!! I bought a whole bunch of tea bags from there and I make it myself!!!

mamachristina said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. Thanks for tootin' my horn. ha ha
I hope you have a fabulous vacation, I am envious, I love the beach.

The Skinner's said...

Hey, FYI:
Adam's Aunt Mary owns "Embroid Me" in Maumelle!!!!!
(Hope it wasn't her store!)
Anyhoo, I can call her if you'd like & ask her if she could get it done for you!
Let me know,by email, and I'll certainly check on it for you!
I know how frustrating that can be!