Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Productive Monday....

Last night was a productive evening for me. For those of you that don't know, I enjoy scrapbooking on the side. I don't often have the time to do it, but I do love putting books together.

During the 2006 Arkansas Razorback Football Season, I started scrapbooking each game. Well, that turned into a yearly thing, because the book turned out awesome. So, the 2007 season book isn't finished and the 2008 season will begin in just a few short months.
I'm not even half way yet. So, last night I got 2 pages done. I was really excited about it. The game I was scrapbooking was AR vs. Auburn. That same weekend I ran a 10K with Dawn, so I scrapbooked the race and also the game. I just need to finish up the tailgating section and then the final score page. At least that game is almost finished....only 8 or so more to go.

This is Dawn and I at our 10K race back in October.

Here we are all cleaned up afterward. We were on our way to the game. We lost by the way!

Okay, so a walk down memory lane for a minute..sorry! Back to my post!

Last night I began a new routine. It will be ST 2-3 days a week and then my sprint tri training stuff. Basically it will be just a variation of cardio along with the ST.
It was raining last night, so I wasn't able to exercise outside, so I did a ST routine inside. It was a LEG routine.

My food is doing okay. It is much better than it has been.

Tonight is my nephews 8 year old birthday party. I have a WW meeting tonight too, so it will be running from one function to another. We bought him a St. Louis Cardinals hat. He is a huge fan and so is the husband. Lots of times the nephew will come over and watch the games with us. I'll try and post a picture from the party tomorrow.

I have tons of projects looming....gotta jet!


Lucas said...

Cute pics! You look great!

Randi said...

page a game, what a good idea! Sports and things like that I only end up doing 1 page/season, but then I put them all in a book together. In 25 years it will be a really nice album! ha!

Randi said...

re a baby? no we're not trying until after this summer probably. I want to get some stuff done (basement finished) finish landscaping. sometimes I feel so ready, like I want to try now, but other times I'm like, I love the lack of responsibilities!

Sagan Morrow said...

Photograph your scrapbook pages and post them! Scrapbooking must be fun.

~Les said...

Lovely pics of you and Dawn!

Girl, I LOVE scrapbooking. I'm WAY behind too, so don't feel too badly. I just finished my son's 1st bday, and he's 2 and a half! LOL!


Dawn said...

Love the pics Jess!! Oh the memories. I have got to gear up for the chili pepper again for this year so that I can beat my time. WOOT WOOT!! Razorback football season will be here before we know it.