Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day of June!

It is June 30th! Wow, I just can't believe that June is over and July is about to begin.

My weekend was good. I got things accomplished while also taking it easy. It was great!

Yesterday I went to the pool for several hours. Don't worry, I applied sunscreen all day. Only a few places got a little red, but that was because I neglected to apply as well on the back of my legs. Oh well, it is mostly gone tan today, so all is well. I also went and bought a new suit at Target. I love it. I got so many compliments on it. I noticed another person wearing it at the pool and it fit her body totally different than mine. Not that it didn't look good, but just fits people in different ways. I'm thinking of going back to target to see if they have it in another color. I also see it is on sale...I'm going today!

I have also been meaning to post a few pictures of a few things:
One is a picture of my sister and I back in May. She and I served as the master of ceremonies for a local event in our home town. This is my sister and I:
Sorry about the photo being slightly grainy...I had to scan it from a magazine. Also, this shirt I am wearing was given to me by my trainer! Thanks Corinne!

Then I also wanted to post that cute gift I bought for a friend of mine...I just loved it! I am dropping it in the mail today. Here is my menu for today:

S:Carrots/laughing cow cheese wedge
L: Green Beans, spaghetti squash, ham sand.
S:Fiber One Bar
D:Chicken Fajitas, side of black beans
S:Protein Shake

Have a good Monday.


Big Girl said...

gI can't believe it's the end of June either! Where did the month go?

You look great in the picture, and I can see the family resemblence.

Alli said...

I cant freaking belive its July. Where has this year gone!!! OMG.

Sagan Morrow said...

That's such a nice photo and that shirt looks so good on you! Now I really want to go swimming...

Jenn said...

That is a really cute swim suit!! I want one too!!!! I have a suit from Target that is a strapless little dress suit, love it, love Target!! :)

That picture of you and your sister is really cute. You look fantastic.