Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th....

Today is Friday the 13th....

Both my dad and brother were born on a Friday, both on the 13th. One in August and one is March. Just thought I'd share.

This weekend I'm having a garage sale. I hope the rain holds off. We are expecting some tomorrow. It will just make things so much easier.

Last night I spent all evening running around getting everything organized and delivered to my mom's house. We are having it at her house.

This weekend I'm also working another catering job. More money for my Destin trip. I've saved almost $800.00 on various projects for the last few months, so I'm just going to donate my garage sale money and my catering money to the fund.

Destin if officially 29 days! Woohoo! 1 month from tomorrow the husband, my sister, her husband and my nephew will set out for the beautiful beaches of FL. I'm just so excited.

Ok, I have a project due on Monday and so I came in early to get it accomplished. I want out of here by noon today! I love early Fridays!

Happy Weekend and be careful!


Cammy said...

Fine. Just keep rubbing my nose in it that you're going to Destin and I'm not. :)

Hope the sale is a huge success!

Jen said...

I have actually found Friday the 13th to be a SOMEWHAT lucky day for me in the past...never really a bad "knock on wood" I hope today remains the same for all of us!!!

You have done an AMAZING job socking away the money for your trip!!! Danny and I are doing a big bottle run in the next couple of weeks (mine plus my parents) to either pay for our camping trip in 3 weeks or some fun on our's nice to have the extra put away so you can enjoy it guilt free!!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Pretty beaches! Much jealousy:) Have a good Friday the 13th!