Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Widow.....Bwahahahahaha

Black Widow is no longer.........

Last night after I got home from my haircut/highlite, the husband and I hit the yard for more yard work. I hate yard work. It sucks! Anyhow, after we were finished, we went over to check on our Black Widow. See if we could see anything. So, the husband turns over a rock in our flowerbed and guess what? She was hiding in a hole inside the rock! So the husband just SMUSHED it. I'm sorry, but it was poisonous and I wasn't about to let that thing bite me. We also found several sacks of her babies, so we killed those. I hate to sound so morbid, but I didn't want those anywhere near my house.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me. Projects on top of projects are due. I have a huge event 1 week from today, etc, etc. I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game at this point.

Gas prices here are close to $4.00 a gallon. YIKES! We commute 45 min one way, so that has put a bite in our gas budget. We figure we are spending between $350-$400 a month on gas alone. HELLO! I know I sure could use that money on other things.

So last night was highlite/cut for me. It looks cute. Same cut, same color as before. Nothing new. I like my gal, she does a really good job.

Last night I got in a 45 min power walk after yard work. It was so humid, I was soaked when we finished.

I have another huge weekend looming....Garage Sale on Saturday for one thing. I really need to sale some of my junk. Hopefully someone sees my junk as treasure and will pick it up. We can only hope.

I better get going. I need to start my work for the day!


Dawn said...

YOU SPIDER KILLER YOU!!! If it makes you feel any better we spend an average of $550 a month on gas...that is really close to as much as our house payment. It makes me sick!!! We drive the least amount as possible and are really strategic with our errands but it still adds up.

Alli said...

I dont think thats morbid ... its smart... Poisonous spider + Home = Crazy scary situation.

Jen said...

NOPE no mobid-ness...that's how I like my spiders, SQUISHED!!!!!

Creepy though...all those baby sacks!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Aha, so YOU'RE the reason its been raining so much over here! Just kidding:) Definitely a good idea to kill poisonous spiders.

Don't you just love how great a good haircut makes you feel??

Cammy said...

Rest well, little spider. :)

I'm enjoying yardwork more this year than I have in the past. It's easier, for one thing. I don't like the humidity, though. :(

Sara said...

Goodbye Black Widow!!

Wow that is a lot of money. Gas is crazy expensive right now!