Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I get a call last night from the husband. The plane that was to arrive in NY showed up very late, so they missed the connecting flight in Chicago. No big deal, they will fly out of Chicago sometime today to arrive back in Arkansas. My complaint is this.....
This was obviously a screw up with the the airport, yet, they haven' t offered anything, except a voucher for a $60.00 room. So, because they made the scew up, we are out money?
The husband and his buddies are having to pay for a room, plus they are all missing another day of work because they couldn't get a plane to arrive on time?

I'm just shocked. According to the husband it was an air traffic problem, not an airline problem, therefore no vouchers for tickets will be provided, no comp rooms, no food allowance, etc.
Seems as if they made the mistake, but we are still paying? So, they gave them a $60.00 voucher...they still have to pay! I'm slightly irritated.

I hate to say it, but people are going to quit flying, the prices are outrageous and the service..well, half the time flights are cancelled, delayed, etc. You just can't rely on them anymore.

Okay, rant over!

He doesn't know when he will arrive today. He will fly stand by on a 8:00 flight and a 1:00 flight as well. Worst case is he will arrive around 5:00 today. Not a big deal. I was working all day anyhow, so I wasn't going to see him until this evening.


Sagan Morrow said...

That's frustrating. There's always complications when it come to travel! But maybe thats all part of the adventure of it?

Jen said...

boo!!! I haven't had too many flight complications but I have heard some horror stories!! It is getting ridiculous!!!

Big Girl said...

Traveling was fun, once, but not so much any more. I guess the most important thing is that your husband gets home safely.