Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phit and Phat Update!

So many have asked about my 150 lbs size 4 self.

Here is a little about me:

I started WW in 2000 weighing in at 181 lbs. I did WW for about 5 months and got to 155 lbs. I quit, got married, and enjoyed life. I enjoyed it a little too much and before I knew it, I had gained back about 15 lbs. So, in August of 2005 I joined back and lost the remaining weight and hit lifetime at 150 lbs.

I've been at lifetime since December 2005.

Last summer my friend Dawn kept telling me about a great gal she was following from the Fitness Getting Started board. She was a trainer and was willing to answer any questions you had about lifting or diet, etc. So, I started reading her blog. In the mean time, Dawn decided to join her online community. Occasionally she would share with me tips and suggestions etc. So, in July I decided to join.

Here are my beginning stats, this was the week I started PNP:
Starting Measurements: 07/01/07:

Triceps: 12
Chest: 39
Ribcage: 34.5
Waist: 31.5
Upper Thigh:21.5

Current Measurement 4/01/2008
Chese: 36
Rib Cage:31
Hips: 37
Upper Thigh:20
Calf: 15
This was my hulk pose!

Total Inches Lost with PNP: 18 inches! Sure this doesn't sound like a lot in a year, but remember from August until April, I was mainly running my little heart out training for long distances. I was doing some ST, but it wasn't 3-5 days a week. Some weeks I was lucky to get any in.

So as you can see, these inches have resulted in several drops in sizes. I went from 8-10 to a 4-6. I even went from a size Medium to a size Small in shirts.

I'm hoping by the end of Fast and Furious I'll have progressed even more in the inch department. I'll keep you posted!


Amy said...

I think you may have just inspired me to check out PNP!

Dawn said...

JESS!! OH MY GOSH!! Look at the difference in those pictures and the difference in your waist and abdomen inches. WOW!! That is why you are getting into a size 4-6. You are a true testament as to what good eating and exercising will do for your body. WAY TO GO!

Jen said...

WOW! I would say that 18 inches is a LOT ESPECIALLY for someone who started when they were AT goal (numerically!)

I can totally see the difference too! You look absolutely amazing!

Running Knitter said...

Awesome job!

Christina said...

wow again you always impress me...I am coming back to those boards are so tight and fit!!!Nice pipes

~Les said...

Incredible! And while I know Corinne had a lot to do with that, just think of what YOU did to accomplish that awesome transformation?!?! You look fantastic, Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hey. This is Andrea from the ww'er's site. I just created my own blog. It is no more settling. Just wanted to tell ya.

Sagan Morrow said...

Look at those muscles! 18 inches is fantastic.

Sara said...

wow that is pretty fantastic!! I checked out the site and it definitely has a lot of great info!! Thanks and congrats!