Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My eye lids are heavy....

My weekend was great. We had a family reunion and it went well, but I'm exhausted.

In fact, I am so tired that I'm having a hard time functioning.

All weekend I got sleep, but not the good kind. I slept really bad and on top of that, we went to bed late and got up early.

This is a really busy week for me also. Our company is celebrating it's 45th Anniversary and we are having a big celebration on Thursday. I'm trying to tie up loose ends and that is exhausting in itself.

Today marks officially 46 days until my summer vacation. Weeks like this make me wish it was this week, but come July, I will be so ready.

The husband is still doing good. This last weekend was challenging for us, but we did it. I think he did better than I did. I worked out though and even got in some extra stuff by walking at the reunion, playing kickball and baseball with the adults, etc. Overall, I think I worked off some of the indulgences I had.

I need to go......
Wish me luck,today is a busy day for me with two WW meetings and then work and exercise. I hope I make it.

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Steph said...

I'm running around catching up and I have to say you looked so beautiful in your wedding pictures! OMG - how sweet!

Okay next I have to say HOLY COW at your 150 in a size 4, losing 18 inches self!! Congratulations!!

Okay last thing - you got the hubby on board - you really are a rockstar!! I am in total envy of you!