Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Month of May=The Big 3-0!

May is a huge month for me! I'm turning 30 this month! In just 10 short days ,I'll be the big


I remember as a child thinking 30 was old. Now I'm not so sure. I look and feel great! Watch out 40 here I come!

The husband and I are also celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary.

So, I'm back at work and settling back into a routine. Being gone for almost a week has me trying to return to my routine. Food has been pretty good, but not clean enough for me. I basically maintatined all last week and that was what I was going for. When I weighed this morning, it was the same thing I weighed last Monday. I'll take it! I really need to hit the grocery store, but I'm waiting until the weekend. Because of this, I'm trying to wing it on the items I have. Again, some aren't as clean as I like, but I'll be back to hard core clean eating by Monday.

Thanks for all the comments on the race! I'm glad to have that behind me. Now I'm planning on focusing on more strength training and also maybe a Sprint Triathlon.

My long distance running shoes are going away for a while. With the summers down south, it is next to impossible to run. The humidity alone could kill you. I decided to take a small break from running. I'll still do maybe a 3-6 miler a few days a week, but for the most part, I'm planning on focusing on ST and HIIT.

I am off tomorrow! I decided I needed a rest from my busy week I've had. Saturday I'm helping my sister with a local pageant in our town. I decided to venture out and make tshirts to sell. Another reason I'm taking off tomorrow is I had 20 orders. They are adorable. I just ironed on a crown on a tshirt and sold it. Very easy and some quick money. I hope to sell more the day of the pageant. Will see! I'll let you know on Monday how I did.

I probably won't be around tomorrow as I will be really busy.

Happy Weekend!


Christina said...

happy pre brithday 3-0 is the new 20 and at the rate your going you live till 110 years of age :)

Lucas said...

Have fun this next coming decade! You will get to know yourself better, sort out your true priorities in life and come to love yourself more....guaranteed! I LOVED my 30's. And now that I'm staring down the barrel of my 40's, I feel even better than ever.

Happy Early Birthday!

The Skinner's said...

Jess, You look GREAT!!!!!
I know ya'll had a blast! Adam, Katherine & I will be in C-Town this weekend for all the know I can't miss out on TSD!
How'd the Fish Fry go??? I was mad I missed it this year! Didn't miss those classes,though! Oh & 30 is not that bad.....I promise!
Have a TOADLY good weekend!!!
I'm a dork, I know!

Jen said...

I agree, when I was little I always thought that 30 was old, now I look forward to it!!!

That is AWESOME that you maintained this week! Especially while away!!!

Good luck with all the pageant festivities!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday!!!! (early). :)
Good job with maintaining while you were away - that is so hard to do.

Sagan Morrow said...

A sprint triathlon! How does it work?

*ccc* said...

Oh...just catching up and wow...first off, the pics below are great and CONGRATS on your race!!! That is wonderful! :)

As to the big-30, seems like it's going around ;) Mine's in July and the countdown has begun...but Christina is right.

30 is the new 20 and we're all still amazing :)

Enjoy your weekend!