Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HIIT....Oh My!

So last night I did my first HIIT routine. Wow...double Wow!

It was a mixture of walkin, moderate jogging and sprints for 20 minutes. After the 6th sprint, I was D-Y-I-N-G! Literally! I made it though. My friend Julie who recently joined PNP decided to get in on our Fast and Furious challenge. So, last night we did the Week 4, Day 2 workout. Lots of arms and shoulder stuff followed by 20 minutes of the High Intensity Interval Training. As both of us commented, this routine is a HUGE change from our long distance running we've been doing. It was good for us though. We know if we keep this up, we'll see BIG changes in our bodies.
My food was right on yesterday. I ate from my cooler and only had my planned meals. No BLT's either. Funny story though. Last night I did spaghetti noodles for the husband. I had to taste them to see if they were ready. I only took one bite, but didn't swallow it. I then spit it out. Yes, that was a really hardcore thing to do, but when I'm apart of the BLT challenge that means NO BLT's! All I needed to do was take one bite to double check it was ready, so I spit that out before it went down the drain if you know what I mean!

Today I'm leading a new WW meeting. It actually started last week, so this is week 2. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone did. I love first weeks on plan. You see some good weight loss. Today I plan on talking about activity and how important moving is for the body. Hopefully, this 10 week at work meeting will go over well enough for it to be a weekly meeting.

I will say that I subed for one 2 weeks ago, and they LOVED me. They kept asking if they could attend any of my other mettings. That made me feel good. Not sure they'll ever ask me to take it over, but it made me feel good that I had impacted just a few people.

Food for Today:
B:2 egg white, 1 egg, tom, light cheese and a tangelo
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, tuna, tom, chick peas, basalmic olive oil dressing
S:FF Yogurt, sliced strawberries
D:SBD Meal, side of veggies
S:Protein Shake, with a few strawberries


Lucas said...

Way to kick some butt! That workout sounds brutal but you made it through. Terrific!

Christina said...

wow what a workout...that sounds amazing! I really do have to visit the PNP boards much more often

Sagan Morrow said...

Your workout sounds awesome! I could totally go for some strawberries right now.

Amuldoon said...

You're awesome hotstuff.. way to rock your workout! :)

Dawn said...

I caught what you said about the possibility of doing the marathon with me in a few years. Don't you think I will forget that. OH, I will be recruiting some poor souls to endure it with me don't you worry and you will be the first on my list.