Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday wrap up and my Weigh in...down .6!

My weekend was great! When I weighed on Saturday morning I was down .6 lbs to 150.4. Hey, slow and steady right. Those little ones add up after a while.

I just need to keep up the momentum of healthy eating and exercise.

So here is the run down on the weekend: It was awesome!

My 30th was great. My husband tried so hard to surprise me with little things and make me feel ultra special. He did a great job...I love him so much!
When I woke up Saturday morning I for some reason couldn't sleep in. I just hate that! So at 6:45 the husband got out of bed. He said "Good Morning and Happy Birthday". He then proceeded to the kitchen. I decided to lay in bed for a while because my intentions were maybe I could fall back to sleep. 5 Min later he's in the bed with 1 slice of chocolate cake and candle. He sang Happy Birthday to me, etc. It was only 1 slice. I had warned him NO chocolate and minimal goodies for my birthday. I didn't want the temptations. I was so pleased to see 1 slice of cake and no more.

So I got up, and proceeded to the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear the Beatles singing the Birthday song. I think he played that song most of the morning. He told me to get dressed we were going to breakfast. I love breakfast out, so I loved it. We went to a local diner type of place. I must first say that I started the day out telling myself I would only indulge at dinner. I ordered a 3 egg white omelet dry with ham, green peppers and onions (NO CHEESE), with dry toast and a side of grits plain. I was very pleased with my selection and it was awesome. Dh ordered 2 biscuits and an order of bacon, but I wasn't the least bit tempted by it.

At breakfast he told me that for my birthday he was going to buy me a HRM, so that thrilled me. We went looking on Saturday, but I haven't found what I really want yet. I'm a tight wad bargain shopper, so I'm probably going to search the sales for a good deal before breaking down and purchasing one.

Saturday for lunch he asked me what I wanted. I told him a good healthy salad, so he took me to Ruby Tuesdays. I again did well at lunch.

Saturday afternoon I helped MC an event with my sister. It lasted way longer than it was suppose to. Finally at 7, the husband and I headed to dinner. He surprised me and took me for Sushi. I've been begging to go for a while and he keeps saying he will, but it just hadn't worked out, so he took me to a place in Little Rock. The bummer part was we had to drive through pouring rain and our state was covered in tornado warnings most of the evening. I also wore a cute little outfit (Corinne it was the halter top you gave me. Dh loved it).

The Sushi was awesome and I did good at that too. When we got home we split the cake he had given me that morning and it was perfect. For my birthday I received mostly money, which was fantastic. Love it. I am saving it for my trip this summer. They have outlets in Destin, so I'm planning on using most of it then.

Yesterday for Mothers Day, we went to my mom's and she had made a wonderful chocolate cake with blackberry toppings....YUM! The DH had requested it just for me, so I wanted to have a small piece of that also. I did and then I jumped right back in full force and finished off last night with my normal dinner and protein shake.

I only captured one picture and that was of my slice of birthday cake. I didn't do too well taking pictures....I hate that!

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday weekend and my DH did a wonderful job of surprising me with fun little things. He made me feel special. Thanks Daniel!


Lucas said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Great job with the loss and the healthy choices! You are awesome!

Sara said...

Happy Belated!! Sounds like one hell of a great bday weekend!!

mamachristina said...

Tag you're it, check out my blog.

Cara said...

Aww Happy Birthday!!

Sagan Morrow said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday! Good job on your food choices.