Friday, May 30, 2008

So glad it is the weekend

I'm pooped.....

It is 11:45 and I'm about gone for the day. We have summer hours so I get off at noon on Friday's. YIPPEE, because I'm so exhausted.

The husband and I are heading to Branson, MO for the weekend. We are going with my family.

Last night went good...a little hectic, but good. The view was awesome and the weather was perfect. It couldn't of been better. Getting it all together and looking good was another story. It went well, but I'm worn out.

I'll post some pictures soon, probably next week.

I'm gone for the weekend.....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy as a bee...

Today is the big company 45th Anniversary Celebration. I know that this day will be a long one. I will work from 7 am to at least 10 pm, so I'll be dragging tomorrow.

I just hope it all goes well. I feel like I have to be on my game to make a good impression. I've been around catering my entire life. I know the ins and outs, I just hope it all goes off without a hitch. I'm relying on 20 employees to help me out. It will be a miracle if one or two of them don't fall out before the evening is over.

We are having an event on an old railroad bridge. Our city (Little Rock, AR), did a conversion of an old railroad bridge to a pedestrian bridge (this is it to the left), It connects two cities over the AR River. It really is a neat attraction. The company I work for did the engineering work, so it is sort like our baby. It just had its grand opening 2 weeks ago, so this is our chance to show it off and celebrate our birthday. It will be a neat party. The views will be awesome overlooking the river, downtown and several other big attractions including President Clinton's Library, a new ball park etc.

Should be neat.

So, last night I did a really good ST workout. In fact, don't tell, but we doubled up last night and did 2. I knew if I didn't get them in, I wouldn't. So, my friend Julie and I did two ST workouts and then finished it up with a short little walk. We worked out for a solid hour. It went great.
Then last night, I went back to Julie's because her husband's 32nd birthday was yesterday, so I did indulge in a small bite of cake and a little ice cream. OH my, very yummy!

Wish me luck today. I want it all to turn out perfectly.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ready for Change....

Ever tired of the same routine? Burnt out?

This is me...I am so burnt out right now. My schedule is killing me. I'm trying to squeeze too much into a day. My day starts at 5:30 and by 9:00 at night I'm crashing in the bed. I have so little extra time for me. Even time with the husband seems limited.
I go to 45 min to work, work all day, drive 45 min home, cook dinner, clean it up, exercise for an hour, come home, take a shower, etc. (that was me in my monotone voice by the way).

I'm just burnt out....maybe I need a vacation, maybe I need a new job. I don't know what it is. I'm just tired of the regular plain jain routine.

Last night I selected to walk for an hour as my exercise. Deep down inside, I wanted to cancel on my friend and just stay at home. I did it though. She and I power walked for 1 solid hour and I felt okay about that. I knew if I did some strength training it would've been a half assed attempt, so we walked instead. I'm tired too from my long weekend, so it was nice just to talk and walk.

I'm thinking it may be time to start looking for a new job again. I've been with this company 3 years next month. I'm just burnt out here too....

I don't know if I told everyone or not, but I lost one of my WW meetings. It was a small at work meeting. I'm okay with it. They have a lady that worked in the company that was a trained leader. She should've gotten the meeting from the word go but the reason was due to internal issues. I think some thought it was a conflict of interest because she works with them, would know what they weighed etc. I asked her to sub for me 2 weeks ago due to work conflict, and they decided the conflict of interest was no longer. So, they called me last week to break the news. I was cool with it. I'm still leading one other at work meeting and then my normal weigh in meeting.

I'm still working on that big birthday party that my company is having tomorrow night. I can't wait for Friday! It will all be over.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My eye lids are heavy....

My weekend was great. We had a family reunion and it went well, but I'm exhausted.

In fact, I am so tired that I'm having a hard time functioning.

All weekend I got sleep, but not the good kind. I slept really bad and on top of that, we went to bed late and got up early.

This is a really busy week for me also. Our company is celebrating it's 45th Anniversary and we are having a big celebration on Thursday. I'm trying to tie up loose ends and that is exhausting in itself.

Today marks officially 46 days until my summer vacation. Weeks like this make me wish it was this week, but come July, I will be so ready.

The husband is still doing good. This last weekend was challenging for us, but we did it. I think he did better than I did. I worked out though and even got in some extra stuff by walking at the reunion, playing kickball and baseball with the adults, etc. Overall, I think I worked off some of the indulgences I had.

I need to go......
Wish me luck,today is a busy day for me with two WW meetings and then work and exercise. I hope I make it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

6 Years and Counting.....

On Sunday the husband and I are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary. So I thought I would take a walk down memory lane and share some of our wedding photos: This is the husband and I....May 25, 2002 was our wedding date. This is the two of us cutting the grooms cake. It was a chocolate cake layered with a blackberry filling. It was to die for.
This was me and my sister before the wedding. We were making sure the lipstick was perfect. I loved my dress. It was a Ramona Keveza. I found it in a bridal magazine, and the day we went wedding dress shopping, it was the first dress I tried on. I knew then it was the one. I did try on others, but we eventually went back to that first dress.
This was also me before the wedding. I loved my Tiara and Veil. After the wedding was over, I took my dress, veil, tiara, and shoes back to my mom's and she kept them for a while. We thought the veil had been lost and I was just sick about it. Thanks to my SIL, she found it for me! It was 3 years later, but it did get found.

This is me and the bridesmaids. I LOVE the color Orange! In fact, it is my favorite, so I knew I wanted orange dresses. The gal on the far left is my friend Jennifer, the rest are my sisters. Jennifer is behind me, then Janna, and Jill is in front. Yes, all of us have J names..even my brother who isn't pictured. His name is Joe. (Exscuse the iron and junk in the background. I couldn't cut anymore of it out or I would chop my sisters head off.).

This was my wedding cake...I found it in a magazine also, and my aunt recreated it for me:

So, that was the wedding. I have more pictures of the DH and I, but I only brought these few. I'll leave with our going away picture. It isn't the best photo, because it shows us from behind, but you get the picture. I LOVED my going away dress too. I found it at a consignment shop. I love that dress, too bad it was a size 12, it swallows me up now!

So, 6 years down and many more to come....maybe even a baby this year? WooHoo! (If the husband reads this, he is probably fainting as we speak). Haha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phit and Phat Update!

So many have asked about my 150 lbs size 4 self.

Here is a little about me:

I started WW in 2000 weighing in at 181 lbs. I did WW for about 5 months and got to 155 lbs. I quit, got married, and enjoyed life. I enjoyed it a little too much and before I knew it, I had gained back about 15 lbs. So, in August of 2005 I joined back and lost the remaining weight and hit lifetime at 150 lbs.

I've been at lifetime since December 2005.

Last summer my friend Dawn kept telling me about a great gal she was following from the Fitness Getting Started board. She was a trainer and was willing to answer any questions you had about lifting or diet, etc. So, I started reading her blog. In the mean time, Dawn decided to join her online community. Occasionally she would share with me tips and suggestions etc. So, in July I decided to join.

Here are my beginning stats, this was the week I started PNP:
Starting Measurements: 07/01/07:

Triceps: 12
Chest: 39
Ribcage: 34.5
Waist: 31.5
Upper Thigh:21.5

Current Measurement 4/01/2008
Chese: 36
Rib Cage:31
Hips: 37
Upper Thigh:20
Calf: 15
This was my hulk pose!

Total Inches Lost with PNP: 18 inches! Sure this doesn't sound like a lot in a year, but remember from August until April, I was mainly running my little heart out training for long distances. I was doing some ST, but it wasn't 3-5 days a week. Some weeks I was lucky to get any in.

So as you can see, these inches have resulted in several drops in sizes. I went from 8-10 to a 4-6. I even went from a size Medium to a size Small in shirts.

I'm hoping by the end of Fast and Furious I'll have progressed even more in the inch department. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Protein Shakes

Last night I made the husband a protein shake and he liked it. WOW, we are making huge steps here. He is doing great. He went out and did some cardio (1 hour of basketball), not sure if they were playing full court or not, but he ran for a solid hour, so that was great. We also went on a little 20 min walk ourselves right after dinner.

I did HIIT advanced last night and also ST. I'm plugging along with my workouts. I also did some crunches and push ups.

Food is going good too, but I just need to try and keep it as clean as I can. So far though I'm feeling great.

Last night the husband and I did his measurements and took some pictures. After our 8 weeks is up we'll see how well we both do. We may see just small changes, but we are fine with that.

For those of you interested in protein shakes, I like Matrix 5.0 Orange Cream the best. I mix it with water and a few strawberries, it is perfect.
I also like the Myoplex Light Low Carb shakes too. They are a premade shake that you can buy at Wal-Mart. They are slightly more expensive, but nice because they are ready to drink. I enjoy the Vanilla the best, but they also have chocolate and strawberry.

I forgot to mention too.....I am wearing size 4 clothing! SIZE FREAKING 4! Hot Diggity Dog! Hello, I weigh 150 lbs and a size 4 fits me! I owe all of that to PNP!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Husband is on board....

This weekend the husband informed me he's interested in toning up and losing a little weight before we head to the beach.

All weekend we planned out some exercises, set a few goals, and worked on our food. I hope the husband is serious. I think he is. He seems really dedicated. For instance, yesterday he played baseball with my nephews for several hours, then he and I went on a little 30 minute walk, then we both hit the crunches and push ups to finish the day out.
Let me also remind you, I did ST and HIIT with Julie, so between the two of us, we got in some great workouts.

I decided to challenge the husband to push ups and crunches each night before bed. We didn't really set a number of each, we just both want to do something in these areas before the day ends. So last night I did 50 bicycle crunches, 50 oblique crunches, and then 50 pushups. It is a start. The husband did push ups on his toes, and some crunches as well. Small steps.......

I also cooked a healthy dinner for us. I always cook healthy, but he will eat larger portions or I'll make him his own rice etc. Last night we ate the same amount of food, and he said he felt very satisfied when he was finished. I did Fajita's last night and they were excellent. I used a low carb tortilla, and he used a regular flour tortilla, but other than that, we ate the same amount of food.

Last night I meant to take a photo of him, so I need to do that. We have 8 weeks until our beach vacation and I think with decent eating, ST 3 days a week and some extra abs and pushups he'll be lookin smokin in 8 weeks.

I am excited to have him on board with me. That means no more challenging meals, etc. He is going 1 MB a week too, so that means we'll celebrate those meals together and the rest of the time be on a good plan. I usually do okay with this, but it will help if he is watching too!

I have a busy week and a huge weekend. More details to follow on that later!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hiking Friday!

Thanks everyone for the comments on my post on Wednesday. I know, I am too hard on myself. I admit it, but gosh darn it, I work too hard to slip up like this. It just makes me mad sometimes. I am over it and I moved on. I shouldn't "punish" myself for doing bad things, because honestly I'm just using that for a MB (Metabolic Boost) this week.

Sorry I was MIA yesterday...Work function! Gotta love the work conferences.

Today I'm leaving work around 2 because the husband and I are going hiking. We plan to hike the Two Rivers Trail or something like that. It is in our city and we've heard about it, but never done it. I LOVE to hike. So refreshing. I'm looking forward to a good couple of hours of hiking.The weather is going to be beautiful- 75 degrees.

Last night I hosted an Arbonne party. I really like the products they have. The RE9 skin care products are awesome! As for the makeup....Well, I tried it for the first time last night and loved it too. I am seriously contemplating selling it. I don't have the time, but would love to dabble in and see if it took me places. The products really are good. I'm not just saying that either. I'm one of those that hates attending party type shows because I feel obligated to buy etc. Well, the gal that did the party just told me to try it with no obligations. Lo and behold, it was great! So, I'm going to think about the selling part. It may just be too much for me to handle right now, but if I could supplement my income slightly it might be worth it. Anyhow, if you are interested in the products or want to buy from me, my show hasn't closed and won't for several days.

I also made HEALTHY treats last night: Fruit and Veggie tray with some low cal dips, diet coke muffins, and some ranch biscuits. It turned out great!

This weekend I'm playing catch up from last weekend.

I also plan on working out all weekend. I already took a DOR on Monday and Thursday, so that means my weekend is stocked full of good workouts.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why do I do this to myself....

So I've been plugging along no problems right......

WRONG!!!!!!! I ate some chocolate yesterday and more than I should have of. I find that when I deprive myself of items such as my weakness of chocolate I eventually have a binge. I've always done this. So, yesterday I was feeling frustrated with myself for derailing all my hard work.

When I got home I knocked out 100 push ups and then 50 bicycle crunches and 50 oblique crunches. I had to make up for my BLT problems. I did my normal 50 push ups then 50 more for punishment. I also drank 140 oz yesterday of water. Then Julie and I knocked out Week 5 day 2 of the F and F workout along with 20 minutes of HIIT. I worked hard last night and I felt great afterwards. Part of me wanted to quit, but like I told Julie when we were doing some awful move that this was my punishment for that D*AMN chocolate I ate.

So, I mess up too....but I wanted to be fair and admit it. What am I going to do to change this? Well, the chocolate is in my face daily. Our office finds the need to reward us with chocolate. Everytime I turn around it is in my face. UGH! So, I'll just continue to ignore it. I can't let it derail me. It WON'T!

My plan is to make that my cheat for the week. I already told the husband it was a no cheat weekend, so I can do it. I can stick to my plan. Shooting for 120 oz of water again today along with my cooler of goodness!

Back to work....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So this morning I had my egg omelet with spinach and canadian bacon and a little cheese. I then followed it up with a tangerine and it was so good!
The only downfall are the tiny seeds, but they aren't too bad. Big enough to spit out. I can't wait for another one. It was perfect.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. Back in November I accidentally chipped a wisdom tooth with a popcorn kernal. It had been a while since I visited the dentist, so I knew I had to go in. The wisdom teeth were bugging me anyhow, so I went in for a visit. I won't tell you how many years I neglected to go, lets just say I made up for it by paying for it. I had 8 fillings and then my wisdom teeth removed from November until February. Yesterday I just went in for a cleaning. They told me I was doing great and had shown tremendous improvements. WOOHOO!

Yesterday I was also called last minute for Bunco, so I hopped in the car and went. It meant my exercise wouldn't get done and the food would change. No big deal. I had fun and I can rearrange my workout schedule. I did okay at the party, but I did indulge in a little dessert. It was this peanut butter chocolate gooey stuff. It was divine! I did good otherwise though and I didn't overdo it on dessert either.

Remember I told you we started a book club over at PNP? Well, I finished Saving Graces over the weekened and it was good. We plan on discussing it on Monday. We also made plans for the next book. We are going to read Sole Sisters by Jennifer Lin and Susan Warner. I already purchased it off Amazon, so I hope it gets here fast.

Todays food:
B:Omelet, tangerine
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, chicken, light dressing
S:SF Jello, Cheese Stick
D:SBD Pizza, veggie
S:Protein Shake

Tonight is a ST routine with some HIIT!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday wrap up and my Weigh in...down .6!

My weekend was great! When I weighed on Saturday morning I was down .6 lbs to 150.4. Hey, slow and steady right. Those little ones add up after a while.

I just need to keep up the momentum of healthy eating and exercise.

So here is the run down on the weekend: It was awesome!

My 30th was great. My husband tried so hard to surprise me with little things and make me feel ultra special. He did a great job...I love him so much!
When I woke up Saturday morning I for some reason couldn't sleep in. I just hate that! So at 6:45 the husband got out of bed. He said "Good Morning and Happy Birthday". He then proceeded to the kitchen. I decided to lay in bed for a while because my intentions were maybe I could fall back to sleep. 5 Min later he's in the bed with 1 slice of chocolate cake and candle. He sang Happy Birthday to me, etc. It was only 1 slice. I had warned him NO chocolate and minimal goodies for my birthday. I didn't want the temptations. I was so pleased to see 1 slice of cake and no more.

So I got up, and proceeded to the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear the Beatles singing the Birthday song. I think he played that song most of the morning. He told me to get dressed we were going to breakfast. I love breakfast out, so I loved it. We went to a local diner type of place. I must first say that I started the day out telling myself I would only indulge at dinner. I ordered a 3 egg white omelet dry with ham, green peppers and onions (NO CHEESE), with dry toast and a side of grits plain. I was very pleased with my selection and it was awesome. Dh ordered 2 biscuits and an order of bacon, but I wasn't the least bit tempted by it.

At breakfast he told me that for my birthday he was going to buy me a HRM, so that thrilled me. We went looking on Saturday, but I haven't found what I really want yet. I'm a tight wad bargain shopper, so I'm probably going to search the sales for a good deal before breaking down and purchasing one.

Saturday for lunch he asked me what I wanted. I told him a good healthy salad, so he took me to Ruby Tuesdays. I again did well at lunch.

Saturday afternoon I helped MC an event with my sister. It lasted way longer than it was suppose to. Finally at 7, the husband and I headed to dinner. He surprised me and took me for Sushi. I've been begging to go for a while and he keeps saying he will, but it just hadn't worked out, so he took me to a place in Little Rock. The bummer part was we had to drive through pouring rain and our state was covered in tornado warnings most of the evening. I also wore a cute little outfit (Corinne it was the halter top you gave me. Dh loved it).

The Sushi was awesome and I did good at that too. When we got home we split the cake he had given me that morning and it was perfect. For my birthday I received mostly money, which was fantastic. Love it. I am saving it for my trip this summer. They have outlets in Destin, so I'm planning on using most of it then.

Yesterday for Mothers Day, we went to my mom's and she had made a wonderful chocolate cake with blackberry toppings....YUM! The DH had requested it just for me, so I wanted to have a small piece of that also. I did and then I jumped right back in full force and finished off last night with my normal dinner and protein shake.

I only captured one picture and that was of my slice of birthday cake. I didn't do too well taking pictures....I hate that!

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday weekend and my DH did a wonderful job of surprising me with fun little things. He made me feel special. Thanks Daniel!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Goodbye 29!

Goodbye 20's. I'll miss you, but 30 will bring new and exciting ventures for me.

Not sure what my birthday weekend holds. Tomorrow is the big day. The husband says he has big plans but he won't indulge in anything. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear the plans.

Then on Sunday it is Mothers Day, so I'll go to my mom's for lunch. This year the husband and I decided to buy her a bird feeder for her back yard. She has a beautifully landscaped backyard with tree's and plants galore. It truly is a birds paradise. So we decided to buy her a bird feeder in hopes she could lure in some birds. As I've told you, the husband is a bird lover, so he is excited about this years Mothers Day Gift.

As for MIL, well, Dh tried to go and see her, but she asked that we do it another time. Not because she was being ugly, but she is just dealing with tons of things in her life, and it was just not the right time. We'll probably both go down next weekend and bring her something. Probably a plant and a book. She loves both.

My weekend is jammed packed. I told DH I wanted to bring the camera along tomorrow, so I'll post some pictures of my big 30th birthday on Monday.

Happy weekend. No food post today. I'm eating the same things I've been posting and I just feel lazy and don't want to post it. Forgive me!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So last night I experienced a boo boo while working out.

We were doing ST and we were trying to do decline push ups. We were using whatever props we could find and we were both trying to use a box. Well, we all know that didn't go over well, because it collapsed on us. This is what happend to me:

This thing stings like crazy!

So last nights workout was ST and also more HIIT. It was a serious workout. I really need to invest in an HRM so I can tell how many cals I'm burning when I do one of these workouts.

I'm still plugging along on food. I'm trying to stay as clean as possible because Saturday won't be easy.

B:Banana, 2 egg whites, 1 egg, canadian bacon, 1 slice of cheese
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, chicken, chick peas, light dressing
S:berries and yogurt
D:veggies with spaghetti sauce on top
S:Protein Shake

Yes, I usually eat the same things all week. I need to be better about it.

Today at work I had to be ugly. Well, really I wasn't ugly, I just stood up for myself. Something I haven't always been good at!-GOOO ME!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog freatured on PNP!

So, I was asked to write a blog for Phit-n-Phat. Let me first say I'm not a writer. I write like I talk, and most of that time that is rambling.

I didn't know what to say, so I just took my big looming birthday and ran with it.
I wanted people to know what PNP and Corinne have done for me. My 29th year of life rocked. I did so many things this year that I never thought possible. Without Corinne and the PNP crew, I would've never accompolished those goals during my 29th year of life.

Check out my post here !

Food for today:
B:Banana, 2 egg white, 1 egg, canadian bacon, light sprinkle of cheese
S:Protein Bar
L:Tuna, Salad, baslamic/vin dressing
S:FF yogurt/strawberries
D:Spaghetti Meat sauce over veggies
S:Protein Shake

Fast and Furious Workout!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HIIT....Oh My!

So last night I did my first HIIT routine. Wow...double Wow!

It was a mixture of walkin, moderate jogging and sprints for 20 minutes. After the 6th sprint, I was D-Y-I-N-G! Literally! I made it though. My friend Julie who recently joined PNP decided to get in on our Fast and Furious challenge. So, last night we did the Week 4, Day 2 workout. Lots of arms and shoulder stuff followed by 20 minutes of the High Intensity Interval Training. As both of us commented, this routine is a HUGE change from our long distance running we've been doing. It was good for us though. We know if we keep this up, we'll see BIG changes in our bodies.
My food was right on yesterday. I ate from my cooler and only had my planned meals. No BLT's either. Funny story though. Last night I did spaghetti noodles for the husband. I had to taste them to see if they were ready. I only took one bite, but didn't swallow it. I then spit it out. Yes, that was a really hardcore thing to do, but when I'm apart of the BLT challenge that means NO BLT's! All I needed to do was take one bite to double check it was ready, so I spit that out before it went down the drain if you know what I mean!

Today I'm leading a new WW meeting. It actually started last week, so this is week 2. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone did. I love first weeks on plan. You see some good weight loss. Today I plan on talking about activity and how important moving is for the body. Hopefully, this 10 week at work meeting will go over well enough for it to be a weekly meeting.

I will say that I subed for one 2 weeks ago, and they LOVED me. They kept asking if they could attend any of my other mettings. That made me feel good. Not sure they'll ever ask me to take it over, but it made me feel good that I had impacted just a few people.

Food for Today:
B:2 egg white, 1 egg, tom, light cheese and a tangelo
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, tuna, tom, chick peas, basalmic olive oil dressing
S:FF Yogurt, sliced strawberries
D:SBD Meal, side of veggies
S:Protein Shake, with a few strawberries

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Back to a routine.....

Happy Monday! Not much happiness here! I hate Mondays! Routines stink!

So this weekend we had Toad Suck Daze. Yes, the name is rather odd, I know! It is our local town's get together/festival. The husband and I went and looked around. To be honest, I mostly just watched the people. Wow, some interesting characters come out during this yearly event.

I did have a frozen banana dipped in chocolate but that was my only indulgence during the festival. It was of course excellent.

On Saturday I helped with the Toad Daze Pageant, so that kept me really busy. I did sell some T-Shirts...YEAH! I made a little money to save for my Destin Vacation, which is in officially 68 days!

Tonight is working out along with some High Intensity Interval Training! I haven't ever really done this before, so I'm really looking forward to trying something new out. I'll keep my running up a few days a week, but the HIIT and ST is my new routine.

I'm still in the Operation Bikini mode! I have about 2 months to drop some inches and lose some fat! I think I can do it!

B:2 egg whites, 1 egg, slice of Canadian bacon, 2% cheese and a tangelo
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, lemon pepper tuna, tomato, chick peas, basalmic/olive oil dressing
S:Protein Shake, sliced strawberries
D:Frozen veggies topped with spaghetti sauce
S:Protein Shake

I better get going...Busy day ahead of me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Month of May=The Big 3-0!

May is a huge month for me! I'm turning 30 this month! In just 10 short days ,I'll be the big


I remember as a child thinking 30 was old. Now I'm not so sure. I look and feel great! Watch out 40 here I come!

The husband and I are also celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary.

So, I'm back at work and settling back into a routine. Being gone for almost a week has me trying to return to my routine. Food has been pretty good, but not clean enough for me. I basically maintatined all last week and that was what I was going for. When I weighed this morning, it was the same thing I weighed last Monday. I'll take it! I really need to hit the grocery store, but I'm waiting until the weekend. Because of this, I'm trying to wing it on the items I have. Again, some aren't as clean as I like, but I'll be back to hard core clean eating by Monday.

Thanks for all the comments on the race! I'm glad to have that behind me. Now I'm planning on focusing on more strength training and also maybe a Sprint Triathlon.

My long distance running shoes are going away for a while. With the summers down south, it is next to impossible to run. The humidity alone could kill you. I decided to take a small break from running. I'll still do maybe a 3-6 miler a few days a week, but for the most part, I'm planning on focusing on ST and HIIT.

I am off tomorrow! I decided I needed a rest from my busy week I've had. Saturday I'm helping my sister with a local pageant in our town. I decided to venture out and make tshirts to sell. Another reason I'm taking off tomorrow is I had 20 orders. They are adorable. I just ironed on a crown on a tshirt and sold it. Very easy and some quick money. I hope to sell more the day of the pageant. Will see! I'll let you know on Monday how I did.

I probably won't be around tomorrow as I will be really busy.

Happy Weekend!